Tuesday, April 29, 2008

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The Power of Inspiration

Dear James,

You're teaching a lesson each day that you live;
Your actions are blazing a trail
That children will follow for good or for ill;
You can help them or cause them to fail. —Bosch

Do you ever think about the little things you do each day? That frustrated gesture you made, aimed at the other driver on the road. The sarcastic (but witty) zinger you told, directed at the clerk that took too long to make your change. The time you called in "sick" to work, only to spend time on personal projects. Do you ever think about the impact of those little things?

In the Because Our Children Are Watching movie, you'll find compelling scenes depicting the innocence of children, the influence of adults, and the dynamic relationship between the two. With statements such as: be involved, be sincere, and be responsible, you'll be reminded to do what's right…because our children are watching.

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To Your Success,

Eric Harvey
Founder and President, WalkTheTalk.com
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(Only $7.95)

Because Our Children Are Watching: Reminding Us to Do What's Right

A short inspirational movie, produced by The WALK THE TALK Company, that's sure to make you think, stir your soul, grab your heart, and not let go!

Eric Harvey is president and founder of WalkTheTalk.com, a company that specializes in how-to handbooks, video training programs, inspirational movies and gift books, and more! For over 30 years Walk The Talk has been helping individuals and organizations, worldwide, achieve success through Ethical Leadership and Values-Based Practices. Walk The Talk's mission is both simple and straightforward: to provide you and your organization with high-impact resources for your personal and professional success.

Eric is the author of thirty highly-acclaimed books, including three best sellers: WALK THE TALK ... And Get The Results You Want, Ethics4Everyone, and The Leadership Secrets of Santa Claus. All are available at www.WalkTheTalk.com
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