Thursday, May 1, 2008


There is going to be a Gigantic Fireworks Show on Saturday, May 24th around 9:30 p.m. following the 8th Annual Arkansas Delta Family Gospel Festival. This is the first year that there will be a fireworks show.

We thank the Delta Cultural Center, Mrs. Katie Herrington, Mrs. Michelle Braggs, Mr. Elijah Mondy, Fire Chief Reginald Wilson, Mr. John Veasman, The Helena-West Helena Advertising and Promotion Commission, The Arkansas Department of Heritage and so many others that have helped to make this festival possible. One of the goals of tourism efforts is to get people to visit our community and spend some time and money exploring our treasures. This festival, along with the others, helps us down that road.

I am grateful.

Below is a slideshow of Mr. John Veasman, Asst. Police Chief Ronald Scott, Fire Chief Reginald Wilson and Mr. Elijah Mondy, Owner King Jesus Is Worthy (KJIW 94.5) Radio Station (

These men were evaluating how, when and where to best do the fireworks show. At this time, the plan is for the fireworks to be launched from the campground area in the Helena River Reach Park. Strangely enough, these men are standing in the midst of an area that was completely covered in water just last week. The greenery shows the prevailing water levels from the recent high waters in our area.

The fireworks will ascend more than 300 feet into the air and explode. The show will honor our military forces, current, past and deceased. This show will be visible from many areas in our community and even across the Mississippi River.

There is a permit process involved in being allowed to do the fireworks show. I will issue an Executive Order allowing the fireworks to be discharged within the city limits during the specified time. Mr. John Veasman will gain the permits necessary from the State of Arkansas and will coordinate with Fire Chief Reginald Wilson and Police Chief Fred Fielder on the logistics of the actual show.

I am excited and hope you are too. Provided this works well, we will try to have a fireworks show near the Fourth of July.

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