Friday, May 2, 2008


Helena – West Helena Regional Landfill Monthly Report

During the month of April 2008 the Landfill generated 3969 tons of waste, which generated $ 111,127.00 in revenue. Compared to April 2007 the landfill increased the waste revenue by $ 34,440.00. The EMS settlement has been paid off.   


             Monthly Activities


1.      Rebuilding road on South end of landfill.

2.      Worked on improving drainage.

3.       Methane Gas Monitor ordered.

4.      Mowing

5.      Radio's delivered.

6.      Maintenance on all equipment completed and recorded in log book.

7.      Leechate tanks emptied.

8.      Working on waste from outside district.

9.      Added 610 gravel to road.

10.  Landfill is now sending out monthly statements.


Future Projects:


1.      Phase 2 Cell 3 Constructions.

2.      Leachate Force Main – placed on hold

3.      Wet weather area to be modified.

4.      Seed needed areas.

5.      Improvements on waste water ponds.

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