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On October 19, 2006, John Crow, owner of the Edwardian Inn, wrote an email which said:

I am a little concerned about what I read in the paper today concerning the tax raised (via the hamburger tax) of $35,000.00 and reported that this amount will go into the city's general fund. Is the paper wrong?


Jay Hollowell responded:

Paper is incorrect!!!! I called Michelle today and left a voicemail to correct her. There is only about $2500-$3500 that will come to the A & P Commission via the hamburger tax. The other is sales tax, etc. This is more of James' window dressing. If you really want to see how much control he has, then wait and see if the fire dept. revenue is under the control of the city or if it is handled the same way it has been since we have had an
Afican American Mayor.
(Spelling Error in the Original. Jay said something about spellcheck not working or not being done). Dr. Miller never would force the fire chief to bring the funds under city control despite getting written up EVERY year by the auditors.

A short while later Jay wrote another message:

I found out this morning that the Fire Dept. still has control over the account. I guess we will be written up AGAIN. Lack of control and lack of leadership!

Don't forget this dialogue takes place in the midst of a mayoral election which pitted, for the second time, Joann Smith, a white female, against James F. Valley, a black male. Never mind either that Jay's accusations were false and baseless. Finally, don't forget that had Jay had no racial intention, he would have said that we have been written up since (a date certain)(like 1999) for this. African American mayor had nothing to do with the fact. His comments were in the same racial vein that got this community into the whole racial fix it has endured for years.

Finally, Jay wrote this email to only white people. He did not even include his black friends. Surely, he would have included them on the message had he not thought it was offensive, insensitive and wrong.

Click the link below to view a copy of the email:

Jay Hollowell on African American Mayors

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