Thursday, May 1, 2008

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Leadership Lessons
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Today's Topic: Accepting Your "Mutual Rightness"

As humans, our values and perspectives are shaped by the myriad of people, experiences, environments, and events we encounter during our formative years (our youth). We're all natural "products of our times." And as such, with very few exceptions, each of us is normal … each of us is RIGHT—regardless of how we may vary from others.

Certainly, there are times when differing viewpoints are unacceptable. Take, for example, the small handful of people who believe it's perfectly okay to lie, cheat, steal, and disrespect their way to success. No matter how you cut it, those folks are just plain wrong and should not be tolerated, much less condoned. But, we all know that they are the extreme exception rather than the general rule. For the most part, being "different" does not make you wrong—it just makes you different. And that's something all of us need to come to grips with and accept.

Just as your beliefs are appropriate and correct for you, coworkers who don't share your views have beliefs, mindsets, and attitudes that are equally appropriate and correct … for them. Ignore this fact—label them WRONG—and you'll self-righteously presume that they need to change (and stubbornly wait for them to do it). But acknowledge and accept that they are as right as you are, and you're more likely to pursue more respectful and collaborative ways of working together through which everyone wins.

"No two people are exactly the same. So, if being different was to equal being wrong,
EVERYONE would be wrong—including YOU!"—Steve Ventura

Today's lesson is from Generations Working Together: What everyone needs to KNOW and DO to narrow classic "generation gaps"

by Laura E. Bernstein

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