Thursday, May 1, 2008

A & P Commission Meeting 5/1/08

The City of Helena-West Helena's Advertising and Promotion Commission met in the city council chambers today to decide the fate of several proposals requesting funding. I do not remember each and every proposal or the result of each. However, our city clerk, Mrs. Sandi Ramsey, is the secretary for the commission and her minutes will reflect the presentations and actions taken.

Ms. Kim Williams, a Travel Writer for the Arkansas Department of Tourism, made the final presentation. She informed the commission of the many services offered by her department and pledged to help the city in anyway. Her assistance is free of charge. She shared the existence of a website that promotes all of Arkansas including Helena-West Helena. That site is Check it out.

The Boys & Girls Club had Tim Schringa, Jason Rowlett, Keisha Nunn Valley, Don R. Etherly and Bernadette Messina on hand for its funding request. The club requested $11,800.00 for signage that will be placed on the club that would advertise and promotion our city. The commission decided, reluctantly, to defer on funding this request. The club was directed to pursue negotiations with the City of Helena-West Helena through the general fund and a performance contract instead of the A & P Commission.

Mr. Oshea Burrell, Parks and Recreation Director for the City of Helena-West Helena made a request for playground equipment for the Wardell Simes Washington Street Park and for baseball equipment for the little league teams that will be playing in the North Helena Park. The commission voted to fund both requests at a cost of roughly $11,000.00.

Zipporah Mondy made a presentation requesting just over $1,000.00 per month to promote the City of Helena West Helena on the three (3) radio stations(KJIW-Helena, WJIW-Greeneville, MS; and KCAT, Pine Bluff) in the MBS Broadcast Network. That network reaches 1.4 million people in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee. The commission decided to fund the proposal for four (4) months rather than 6 or 12 months and to reevaluate the program at that time. The commission was interested in targeted promotions to specific audiences and thought saturation (10 spots per day) would be good for the Gospel Festival.

I will let you know when the commission plans another meeting.

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