Friday, May 2, 2008

Sanitation Department Weekly Report 5-5-2008



May 5th, 2008

Prepared by: Victor L. Jordan & Quiania Williams

Specific Weekly Activities:

Monday 4/28/2008

Ran the regular Lake View trash route

Serviced the garbage trucks and equipment

Picked up boxes from local merchants

Cleaned the Sanitation yard and grounds organized carts and dumpsters

Continued demolition @ 140 South 3rd

Will Transport picked 2 truck loads of compressed paper(32 bales per load)

Total tonnage and cost to landfill:61.20tn, $1713.60(which includes 2 tickets that belong to Lakeview : 2.44 tn,$68.32 cost unit #29, 0.91tn, $25.48 commercial truck #30)

Tuesday 4/29/2008

Began the regular trash routes at 4:00 AM

Continued to collect boxes from local merchants

Excavated a pond @ the old little rock road

Mayor assisted Tyrone with the mini excavator

Mechanic installed roters in the arm of unit #27

Total tonnage and cost to landfill:31.67tn, $886.76

Wednesday 4/30/2008

Began regular trash routes at 4:00 AM

Continued to pick up boxes from local merchants

Finished the clean up of demolition at 134 S. 3rd

Cleaned and backdrag lot on North Coranza

Mechanic put starter on box office dump truck

Part time workers mowed several lots around city(5th street, plaza street)

Total tonnage and cost to landfill:45.17tn, $1264.76

Thursday 5/1/2008

Ran regular trash routes for residential and commercial

Continued to pick-up and deliver carts to area residents

T. Collins filled pond in @ Old Little Rock

Mechanic put 2 new tires on unit #16 (police unit)

T. Collins removed the limbs on Washington street

Total tonnage and cost to landfill: 24.81tn, $694.68 cost

Friday 5/2/2008

Ran regular trash routes, commercial and residential

Continued to pick up boxes from local merchants

Total tonnage and cost to landfill: 53.21tn, $1489.88 cost

Total cost and tonnage delivered to landfill week of 4/28//08- 5/2/08 =216.06tn, $6,049.68cost

Future Weekly Activities:

Continue with picking up trash on daily routes

Assisted in any way needed from different departments

Follow Up Activities:

Continue working with code enforcement on tearing down dilapidated houses

Staff Concerns:

Received doctor’s notice advising that John Smith will be able to return to work on May 22,2008

Still no word on Walter Vaughn

Foreman J.Huff out 5/2/2008 due to father having surgery in Little Rock,Ark (pray that everything turns out fine)

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