Sunday, June 8, 2008


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              WEEKLY Department Head Meeting 

   Department: Helena West Helena Regional Landfill

 Date: June 9, 2008

 Prepared By: Bob Gaston 

 Specific Weekly Activities: 

 Employees Tommy and Larry come in at 6:30am to start equipment and                           do daily maintenance; Mary comes in at 7:00am and turns on computer.

 Terry arrives at 8:00am and checks his equipment and starts hauling dirt.

 Once Larry has the working face and road ready he lets Mary start sending trucks down. Mary weighs the trucks and sends the trucks to the cell. Once the truck has emptied the driver returns and is weighed. Mary prints a ticket and the driver comes in and signs the ticket, the driver receives a copy. Each truck goes through this process each time. Mary also does random inspections on a daily basis. As the waste is placed in the cell the process of compacting begins. We start lunches at 10:00 am and go thru 12:00. After lunch Terry begins placing dirt around the working face so we can cover. Trucks are allowed to enter landfill until 3:30pm. After the last truck is weighed out Mary begins adding tickets and balancing with the computer and printing reports.

 Mary is usually finished by 4:00pm. After the last truck leaves the process of finishing compacting and covering begin. This normally takes about one and half hours. Each day someone checks the leachate pumps and tanks. We have part time help to take care of litter, grass, office, scales, and other task. We maintain a daily maintenance log on all equipment and make sure hourly maintenance is maintained.

We work during all weather conditions and wet weather adds to the over time. Most weather damage repair is done on Sat. 

 Future Activities: 

  1. Work on drainage.
  2. Move fire plug to shop building and build clean-out pad.
  3. Rebuilding part of road on south end.
  4. Finishing job descriptions for staff.
  5. Working on evaluations for staff.
  6. Seeding closed area.
  7. Evaluating recycling programs for Helena- West Helena.
  8. Purchase of 2 tarps for alternate cover.

 Activities Completed: 

  1. Purchased new pump for tank
  2. Gravel delivered.
  3. Quarterly monitoring completed.
  4. Mary tested for class A. Passed Test.
  5. Delta Environmental – Could not guarantee daily tonnage.
  6. ADEQ visited landfill on May 29, 2008.
  7. Inspected June 3, 2008 by inspector.

Staff Concerns/ Issues; 

1. New search for part time help. 

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