Monday, June 9, 2008

Parks, Recreation and HCC Weekly DHR 6-9-2008

Weekly Department Report
Department: Parks and Recreation
Date: June 9, 2008
Prepared by: O’Shea Burrell
Specific Weekly Activities:
· June 2- Grizzlies Basketball Camp postponed until further notice
· June 2- Summer Youth Program started on today.
· June2-5-All parks cut, trimmed and groomed by Parks/Rec. Staff and County Youth Worker Program.
· June 2- Workplace health and safety in-service.
· June 3- Community Center cleaned and prepared for camp activities.
· June 5th - Jewelry making class today at 5:30pm at the Community Center.
· County Workers trimmed and cleaned at golf course for weekend tournament
· June 6th- County Youth Work Program first week of completion.
· June 6th- County male workers at Golf Course for grooming and clean up.
· June 6th- FCA Camp workers has assigned work hours for camp.
· Repairs made to fence at pool.
Future Weekly Activities:
· June 8th-Community Center’s All-Star Teams will host Holly Grove tip-off time 3:00pm.
· June 9th-12th- FCA Basketball Camp
· June 13th- Jackson building rental
Follow-up Activities:
· Summer Food Program Registration
· T-Ball and girls softball games
· Swim Camp Registration
· Sports Camp Registration
· Complete process for pool opening.
Staff Concerns/Issues:
· Air condition in classrooms do not work
· Marquila Kones, LaKeisha Brewer and Demarcus Green are all in the process of completing their community service hours.
· Roy Williams has completed all community service hours.
· Traffic at 10th Street Park after hours.
Chanta S. Mansfield’s Shadow experience in DC
MARCUS ELLIS Recreation Services Manager

DC Parks and Recreation Department has 64 SITES and 17 MEGA SITES
Mega Site- sites that have more than area and activities than other sites
Activities (i.e. swimming pool, gymnasium, theater, classrooms, office space, daycare, etc.)
Viewed official Department Head Meeting
Official Activities done at different sites
· Midnight / Late Night Hoops
· Teen Night- City Wide Pool Party
· Father/Son Softball
· Kickball Challenge ( K-12)
· Marvin Gaye Appreciation
· Dance Recital
· Teen Summit
· Young Men’s Summit
· Softball Extravaganza
· Gardening Club
· City Wide Track Meet
· Girls Softball
· Soccer League
· Teen Tee Splash Party
· Summer Camp
· School Reach Out (Call to Enroll/Registration for Activities)
· Little Explorers
· Youth Speaks Out
· Golf tutorial

Discussions about air-conditioner replacement in different sites, mostly in the smaller sites.
Bob Gordon doing a basketball camp and registering the children to pay for the services.
AC-Heat units being newly installed within 6 months for the lower level sites that have
Enrollers aren’t counted or accepted until the activity fees are collected
Flooded basements in an older center
Leaking Roofs in some of the smaller sites.
Basketball goals (10 ft. 3inreg. 10ft) need to be lowered
Lower a side goal to 8 ft. for the children to use.
Speakers for Teen Summit/ Young Men’s Summit need to be contacted and committed to a certain date definitely.
One card is the NEW formal Rec. Center I.D.

Parks and Rec. Rangers
· Maintenance Crew
· Visit Every Site
· View Problem at every site
· Site Company for Malfunction
· Power and Utility Outages
· Not Custodians
· Contact necessary people to fix anything they cannot

Every Site must be PRESENTABLE!!
· Take pride in your facility… You never know who will visit your site
· Take the necessary steps to document the ability of every employee
· Remember this is a business not a fellowship

MEETING ETIQUETTE- there is no reason for a site supervisor to leave a DH Meeting unless their site is ON FIRE.

NEW OUTDOOR AQUATICS center needs to have a lifeguard training class ASAP to speed up opening.

Card One Center I.D. System (Major Sign-In)
General I.D. card for everyday use and keeps track of Admission Numbers at a general site.
Even the Employees have to have the One Card and it is to be scanned at every site and every visit
Adults and Children must be identified to be accountable for time spent in the center.
Contractors need a sign-in book or log that documents everything that they are doing before they can be paid for work that has or hasn’t been done.
If it is rented the individuals do not have to sign-in
General Public must sign in if and only if they don’t have a One Card.

When asking for more funds a site manager must show that the public is using the facility they are trying to develop.

Always doing things the same way may not be and is not always the best way to do things.


O'Shea Burrell
City of Helena-West Helena
Parks and Recreation Director
511 Miller St./P O Box 248
Helena-West Helena, AR 72342
870-338-8481 Phone
870-572-5034 Fax
870-995-8991 Cell

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