Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sanitation Department (DHR) 6-16-2008



June 9th -13th 2008

Prepared by : Quiania Williams, Victor Jordan

Specific Weekly Activities:

Monday 6/9/2006

Ran the regular Lake View trash route

Serviced the garbage trucks..

Washed Unit 27,

Washed Unit 26,

Washed Unit 28,

Picked up boxes from local merchants…

Hoffinger, Perry Street Mkt, Corner Market

Continued to work on the McAdoo street drainage project

Began pressure washing buildings for facelift.

Chose colors of Gold and Blue for building.

Tuesday 6/10/2008

Ran the regular trash route @ 4:00 a.m.

Completed the project on McAdoo (Abel, Braden) Street

Picked up several missed garbage..

115 Cherry, 837 Biscoe, 446 West St.,

Picked up boxes from several merchants

Family Dollar


Dollar general

Wednesday 6/11/2008

Ran regular trash routes

Installed power steering pump on Ford 9000 tractor trailer

Painters begin pressure washing building preparing to paint

Spoke with Darrin from Scott Equipment and the mini excavator will be delivered on week of 16th-20th

Thursday 6/12/2008

Ran regular trash routes

Assisted east side water dept with repairs of a water drainage on Liberty Street

With the use of mini excavator

Friday 6/13/2008

Ran regular routes @4:00 a.m.

Delivered several carts to residents…


130 Moore

1009 Perry

Completed clean up of demolition at 333 South Sam with track hoe

Future Weekly Activities:

Follow up on demolition projects

Continue working with Code Enforcement and other Depts.

Continue with picking up trash on daily basis

Continue with face-lift of buildings at 201 S. Sebastian

Continue to make yard ready to handle all Street and Sanitation Equipment

Follow Up Activities:

Staff Concerns:

John Smith is still out until further notice

Walter Vaughn still out until further notice

Mark Smith out on sick leave until further notice

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