Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sanitation Department Weekly (DHR) 6-30-2008


June 23RD -27TH 2008
Prepared by : Quiania Williams, Victor Jordan
Specific Weekly Activities:

Monday 6/23/2006
Ran the regular Lake View trash route
Serviced the garbage trucks..
Washed Unit 27,
Washed Unit 26,
Washed Unit 28,
Picked up boxes from local merchants…
Hoffinger, Perry Street Mkt, Corner Market
Continued cleaning up 909 Pecan
Total tonnage & cost to landfill; 60.00tn, $1680.00 cost which include Lakeview(1.14tn, $31.92

Tuesday 6/24/2008
Ran the regular trash route @ 4:00 a.m.
Workers came in @ 1:00p.m. due to funeral
Picked up several missed garbage..
146 Nodaway, 252 Westwood, 877 Georgia
Picked up boxes from several merchants
Dollar General
Family Dollar
Darrin from Scott Equipment delivered the new mini-excavator
Continued with project on 909 Pecan
Total tonnage & cost to landfill; 43tn, $1204.00 cost

Wednesday 6/25/2008
Ran regular trash routes
Mechanic installed new brakes and drums on the rear of unit #21
Replaced mud flaps on unit 26
Summer workers/part timers passed out fliers concerning holiday trash pick-up
Delivered new carts to residence: 166 Oakland,1313 E.Walnut, 921 Anderson
Completed clean-up @ 909 Pecan
Begin clean up on Jefferson & Cherry Street
Total tonnage and cost to landfill;31.00tn, $868.00cost

Thursday 6/26/2008
Ran regular trash routes
Continued to pick up boxes from local merchants
Mechanic repaired hydraulic line on unit#26
Summer workers continued passing out trash fliers, and placing sanitation stickers on garbage carts
Mechanic moved equipment to south end of lot
Returned mini excavator to Brown's Rental
Total tonnage and cost to landfill:40tn, $1120.00 cost

Friday 6/27/2008
Ran regular routes @4:00 a.m.
Delivered several carts to residents…
Unit 29 emptied garbage on the tour boat
Continued clean -up project on Jefferson Street
Total tonnage and cost landfill:8.12tn,$227.36cost
Total tonnage and cost for week of 6/23/2008-6/27/2008; 151.12tn, $4231.36 cost to landfill

Future Weekly Activities:
Follow up on demolition projects
Continue working with Code Enforcement and other Depts.
Continue with picking up trash on daily basis
Follow Up Activities:

Staff Concerns:
John Smith is still out until further notice
Walter Vaughn still out until further notice
Mark Smith out on sick leave until further notice
Advised staff members of 10 hour work day 6/30/2008

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