Saturday, June 21, 2008

Sidney "Bubba" Alice -- Street Department Employee for HWH has passed away

The City Mourns the Loss of Sidney "Bubba" Alice

I am saddened to announce that Mr. Sidney "Bubba" Alice passed away last night at a hospital in Memphis, TN. Bubba was 56 years old and a resident of Helena-West Helena, AR. Bubba was an employee of the City of Helena-West Helena, Arkansas. He worked general duties in our street department under the leadership of Mr. Oscar Hoskins, Street Department Supervisor. Bubba was hard worker; model in his performance. He showed up on time. He worked diligently. He stuck with us through tough times. He had a positive attitude and outlook on life. He was a leader among the men in the street department.

Bubba had come out to a fallen tree on the corner of Anderson and Kentucky streets on Tuesday night. Before the street department crew, including Bubba, Oscar, Earnest Womack and Calvin Allen, could begin to remove the fallen tree, Suddenlink Cable, A T & T Telephone, and Entergy (Lights) had to be contacted. Entergy showed up at the scene fairly quickly and had to shut off the power to the area to replace the broken power line.

After a few hours the power was restored and the street crew worked until past midnight cleaning up the tree.

Here's a slideshow of the photos taken at that scene:

Before 6:00 a.m. the next morning, Bubba was back at work. He was cleaning the sidewalks at the intersection of Perry and Columbia Streets. Bubba was apparently operating a blower when a car veered over and hit him as he worked. Bubba landed on the concrete sidewalk taking what proved to be a fatal blow to the head.

Police officers were immediately on the scene as they were already at the Perry Street Market. Help was called and arrived quickly. Pafford Ambulance Service called for Air Evac Helicopter service to come to the scene and transport Bubba to Memphis. Air Evac did not land at the Sav-A-Lot building or the First Baptist Church parking lot, instead it landed on the levee. Bubba was transported, about four blocks, to the levee by Pafford with a police escort and soon thereafter, he was taken to Memphis.

In Memphis, the family learned that Bubba's condition was not very good at all. The family was almost immediately faced with life changing difficult decisions. I mention this because I have seen this happen several times since I have been mayor. The hospital staff will ask you about DNR requests. DNR means Do Not Resuscitate. Choosing DNR could very well mean the end of life for the patient. This is a serious choice to be made. Being prepared to hear and, more importantly, answer that question is essential to healthcare management.

Bubba was an organ donor. That required some preparation by the hospital of Bubba and the recipient. Bubba was able to give his kidneys. Somebody lives now because Bubba donated his kidneys.

Bubba leaves to mourn his passing: his wife, a daugther, a son, three grandchildren, two great-grandchildren and many other family members, friends, neighbors and well wishers.

Funeral arrangements are incomplete. The family has requested prayers at this time. I will keep you updated as I received additional information.

Mayor Valley's Announcement on Bubba Alice

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