Sunday, June 15, 2008

Street Department (DHR) 6-16-2008



Department: Street Department


Date: June 6-12, 2008


Prepared by Oscar Hoskins and Earnest Womack


Specific Weekly Activities:


Replaced stop sign at Rightor & Walnut

Refaced stop sign at Jean St. and St. Jean & Old Dominion

Cut hanging limbs at 3rd & Anderson

Cut hanging branch on Springdale Rd.

Preparing stop signs for 4-way stops (Pontotoc & Arkansas, Baringo & Russell, Aaron & McDonald)

Cut back limb on Seminole (Sanitation driver request)

Sam English replaced controller at Sebastian St. light (Exxon), also changed green light at 242 & Hwy 49

Changed stop sign at Ladino & Sam

AR One call for 317 Valley Dr. (drainage repair)

Acquired Used Knuckle Boom Truck from River City Hydraulics (3) in use now

Unstopped and removed blocked pipe on Liberty St. w/assistance East Side Water Dept.

Visited by 3 news stations reporting on stray animals situation


Mowed & cut:


  • East & West center greens
  • Kelly St. hill
  • Abel St.
  • Biscoe (old Razorback store)
  • Oak Grove Cemetery (6/3-4)
  • Moore St. west
  • North 10 St. ditch by Beechcrest School
  • North Ridge center green
  • KIPP School between Phillips & Missouri
  • 1000 block East Garland (ditch)
  • Washington St. (ditch)
  • Lot 100 block South Baringo
  • 100 block South Baringo (ditch)
  • Bonanza 200-600 block ditches
  • Edged center greens from 49 bypass to Richmond Hill
  • Plaza St. sidewalks and curbs
  • 600 block of Mimosa
  • Adams & Walnut
  • Neil Rd.
  • Hickory Hill
  • Lot 181 Oakland (Code Enforcement)
  • 400 block Moore St. east (shoulders & ditch behind Ms. Woodridge's home)
  • 200 N. Baringo to N. Coanza
  • Corner of Rightor & Columbia (stop sign)
  • Corner of Sebastian & East Baldwin
  • 200 block S. 4th (ditch)
  • Alley between McDonough & Walker
  • Beechwood & Helendale intersection
  • Sam & Ladino shoulder
  • 300 block 6th St. (shoulder)
  • 6th & Garland




  • Picked up Chief Wilson's vehicle from Gibson Auto Repair (spark plug tap)
  • Installed radiator on unit 4 Police
  • Replaced starter & air compressor on East Water Co. vehicle


  • Installed radiator on burgundy CID unit
  • Put clamp on Knuckle Boom
  • Put brakes, rotors, fuel filter on Chief Wilson's vehicle
  • Put hose and seals on unit 107 Boom (Street)


·        Put dryer on East Water Co. vehicle

·        Replaced power steering line on tractor truck for track hoe

·        Replaced alternator on unit 27 (Sanitation)


  • Repaired seals on East Water Co. truck compressor (needs charging)
  • Shop being painted hinders mechanical repairs


  • Changed oil unit 9 (Street)
  • Worked on unit 107 A/C (Street)
  • Worked on Chief Wilson's vehicle


Potholes & sinkholes:


  • Anderson & Fifth-2
  • Cherrydale & Kentucky-1
  • Kentucky & Quarles-2
  • Park & Russ-2
  • Sinkhole behind River Road Restaurant


Animal control:

  • Kennels cleaned on 6/10
  • Answered numerous stray animal calls
  • 2 stray animals picked up on Cooke St.
  • 13 dogs at kennel as of 6/11/08
  • 10 dogs released to St. Francis Nat'l Park area on Storm Creek Road, 3 euthanized
  • No dogs at kennel on 6/12/08/kennels removed
  • Picked up and disposed of 2 dead animals from vet clinic
  • Ray C. Smith fed animals at kennel on weekend of 6/6-8/08


Mosquito control sprayed Tuesday's trash route on 6/11

Mosquito control is coordinated in conjunction with Sanitation route-weather permitting

Continuous pick-up and removal of debris on designated Sanitation pick-up routes

Continuous pick up of crushed boxes from area businesses

Continuing to identify lots with Code Enforcement-completed 6/6

Litter pick up at primary routes of City:

Walnut St.

            Cherry St.

            Porter St.

            Perry St.

            Elm St.

Franklin St.

            Oakland Ave.

            Quarles Lane

            Springdale Rd.

            Plaza St


Future Weekly Activities:

7th St storm drain


Follow Up Activities:

Drainage on Elm & Walnut

Drainage at 1100 block of Walnut


Staff Concerns/Issues:

Mechanic needs assistance in shop due to numerous breakdowns and repairs of equipment & vehicles


*Code Enforcement identifying and notifying property owners of overgrown lots throughout City. City will not mow lots until Code Enforcements has communicated with owners.

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