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*Department:* *Street Department*

*Date:* *May 30-June 5, 2008*

*Prepared by* *Oscar Hoskins **STREET DEPARTMENT REPORT*

*and Earnest Womack*

*Specific Weekly Activities:*


Cut and removed fallen branch on Russell St.

Replaced street sign on Russ St.

Put up new stop sign at 10th & Baldwin

Straightened 3 stop signs (3rd, 4th and 5th St. at Baldwin intersections)

Cut back limbs on Moore St.

*Mowed & cut shoulders:*


- Newman Dr.
- Lambert Dr.
- Old Little Rock Rd (Tourist Info Center)
- Lohmans Lane
- Park Hill
- Military Rd.
- Poplar Hill
- Sulphur Spring Rd.
- Jean St.
- Walker St.
- North Ohio, Cherry, Pecan & Holly
- Jefferson St.
- Monroe St.
- Adams Hill
- Grand Ave
- Word St.
- Pleasant View
- Valley Dr.
- South College
- Russell St.
- West St.
- South St.
- West Cleburne


- Trimmed overgrowth on crepe myrtles on center green West side


- Cleaned storm drains north side of Helena
- Cut back bushes on corner of Walker & Beech
- Cut fallen tree branch on Springdale Rd.
- Mowed lots
- Caney Creek
- 144 Military Rd. (Code Enforcement)


- Cut entrance of North & South Ridge
- Mowed camping area and around picnic tables at River Park


· Replaced storm drain at 340 & 342 South 4th (assisted by Knowlton



- Worked to replace spark plugs on Fire Chief vehicle


- Continued repair on Chief Wilson's truck
- Replaced brakes and rotors-unit 17 Police
- Worked on power steering pump for Ford F800


· Took radiator off Burgundy CID unit to Holland Radiator Repair

· Machine shop made spacer for steering pump on F800


- Replaced arm on unit 27-Sanitation
- Repaired leak on unit 21-Sanitation
- Replaced idle speed motor on black CID unit
- Replaced water pump on unit 4-Police, also took radiator to Holland
Radiator for repair


- Took Chief Wilson's truck to Gibson Auto to tap out plug
- Changed oil and rear brakes on unit 15-Police

- Repaired brake piston chamber on unit 21-Sanitation

*Potholes & Sink holes:*


- East side Fish Market at Biscoe and Old Little Rock Rd. (truck turnoff
to Texas Eastern)
- South 9th St.-1
- South Washington-1
- Sink holes at Administration Ave and 7th & Garland

*Animal control:*

- Answered numerous stray animal calls
- Stray animals picked up-2 on 5/30, 2 on 6/2
- 1 dog adopted, 1 picked up by owner
- 8 dogs at kennel as of 6/5/08
- Kennels cleaned on 5/30 & 6/3
- Picked up and disposed of 3 dead animals from vet clinic
- Mrs. Lee & Mrs. Pittman put tarp on kennels
- Ray C. Smith feeding animals at kennel on weekend

Mosquito control sprayed Tuesday & Wednesday's trash route on 6/3-5

Mosquito control is coordinated in conjunction with Sanitation route-weather

Continuous pick-up and removal of debris on designated Sanitation pick-up

Continuous pick up of crushed boxes from area businesses

Continuing to identify lots with Code Enforcement-approximately 95%

Litter pick up at primary routes of City:

Walnut St.

Cherry St.

Porter St.

Perry St.

Elm St.

Franklin St.

Oakland Ave.

Quarles Lane

Springdale Rd.

Plaza St

*Future Weekly Activities:***

7th St storm drain

*Follow Up Activities:***

Drainage on Elm & Walnut

Drainage at 1100 block of Walnut

Market Alley behind River Road Restaurant-drainage

*Staff Concerns/Issues: *

One Knuckle boom out of service

Mechanic needs assistance in shop due to numerous breakdowns and repairs of
equipment & vehicles

*Code Enforcement identifying and notifying property owners of overgrown
lots throughout City. City will not mow lots until Code Enforcements has
communicated with owners.

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