Monday, June 30, 2008

Street Dept Weekly Report 6-30-2008


Department: Street Department

Date: June 20-26, 2008

Prepared by Oscar Hoskins and Earnest Womack

Specific Weekly Activities:

Mowed & cut:


  • Pleasant View, Hillcrest & Grand
  • Corner of Park and Sebastian
  • Ditches at end of 200 block of South 7th
  • 300 block South 7th
  • Corner of Missouri & Pecan


  • 5th & Anderson to 7th & Anderson
  • Quarles Lane ditch
  • Razorback Store-Biscoe
  • Old Little Rock Rd Park


  • Old Little Rock Rd Park


  • Finished Old Little Rock Rd Park
  • 500 block College St
  • Corner of Cleburne & Ashlar
  • 100 block South Ridge
  • 200 block South 5th
  • Alley between Sebastian & 3rd St
  • Corner of Cleburne & Hernando
  • 300 block Anderson
  • Bridge approach
  • Rifle range


  • 400 & 600 blocks College
  • Alley between Park and Cleburne
  • 200 block 5th St
  • 300 block Anderson



  • Cleaned radiator out Unit 106-Street
  • Replaced bearings left rear wheel Dodge-Box Shop
  • Worked on brakes on Suburban


  • Replace shocks and cooling fan on Unit 10-Police
  • Worked on Code Enforcement car-needs compressor
  • Worked on camera Unit 27-Sanitation
  • Worked on new boom truck fuel line


  • Worked on wiring harness Unit 27-Sanitation
  • Put hydraulic hose and fitting Unit 29-Sanitation
  • Fixed flat Unit 20-Police
  • Replaced gas line Unit 107-Street
  • Installed front brakes and rotors Unit 3-Police


  • Fixed hydraulic leak Unit 26-Sanitation
  • Worked on cigarette lighter in white extended cab for strobe light to work
  • Filled 29 w/hydraulic fluid
  • Put rotors and brakes on Unit 20-Police


  • Moved all vehicles from fence area-Sebastian shop
  • Replaced front shield on Police unit
  • Replace hydraulic hose on Unit 26-Sanitation



  • Adams Hill (3)

Animal control:

  • No longer picking up stray animals

Mosquito control:

Mosquito control sprayed Tuesday & Thursday Sanitation route, 6/24 & 26

Mosquito control is coordinated in conjunction with Sanitation route-weather permitting

Other activities:

Continuous pick-up and removal of debris on designated Sanitation pick-up routes

Continuous pick up of crushed boxes from area businesses

Litter pick up at primary routes of City:

Walnut St.

Cherry St.

Porter St.

Perry St.

Elm St.

Franklin St.

Oakland Ave.

Quarles Lane

Springdale Rd.

Plaza St

Future Weekly Activities:

Drainage on Valley Dr

Follow Up Activities:

Drainage on Elm & Walnut

Drainage at 1100 block of Walnut

Market Alley behind River Road Restaurant-drainage

Staff Concerns/Issues:

Sidney "Bubba" Alice passed away on 6/20/08

City employees attended funeral service for Sidney "Bubba" Alice on 6/24/08

Acquired New Chevy P/U per state contract from Landers Chevrolet in Benton.

Mechanic needs assistance in shop due to numerous breakdowns and repairs of equipment & vehicles

*Code Enforcement identifying and notifying property owners of overgrown lots throughout City. City will not mow lots until Code Enforcements has communicated with owners.

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