Sunday, June 8, 2008


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Helena Municipal Water & Sewer

Eastside Water Department  

Weekly Department Report

Date: 6-9-08

Prepared By: Terry McGinister 

Specific Weekly Activities

Friday 5-30-08

Checking lift stations cleaning around the plant, completing weekly report, working on Backhoe, cutting grass around the plant. 

Monday 6-02-08

Monthly meter reading, checking lift stations, working on chemical report, cutting grass around lift station, checking for water leaks in the system. 

Tuesday 6-03-08

Monthly meter reading, Repaired water leak on York Street, working on Backhoe, picked up 2 new pumps. 

Wednesday 6-04-08

Monthly meter reading, Repaired water leak on Franklin and Walker Street, Repaired angle valve at 1119 College Street, checked water leak at 1208 Ohio Street. 

Thursday 6-05-08

Completed monthly report, monthly meter reading, checked water leak at 1208 Ohio Street, employees working with Oshea and Crew at the Helena Park, Checking sewer system for stop-ups. 

Future Weekly Activities

Replace suction valve and pump at lift station #3. 

Follow up Activities

Finish putting Riprap on sewer pond levees, finish installing bypass hook-up at the remaining lift stations. 

Staff Concerns/Issues

  1. Auditor completed 2007 audit.
  2. RVS- software and hardware update schedule for 6-12-08.
  3. Scheduling classes for all employees to attend to have enough hours to renew their licenses.

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