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Weekly Code Enforcement Report

Weekly Department Report Summary

June 23-27, 2008


Department: Code Enforcement

Date: June 27, 2008

Prepared by: PH Allen & J McIntosh


Weekly Activities

  • Contacted ARVEST Bank regarding 645 Seminole
  • Met with Ms Noble about property on Beech St.
    • Victor placed on Schedule to be torn down in 1st week of July after Pecan property, Jefferson Property and Poplar Property
  • Notified United Methodist Church of Overgrown Lots
    • 4th St Unplatted next to 504 4th St
    • 520 St Jean- Overgrown Tree
    • Giving Information Packet to Andre for Owner Contact
  • Faxed Condemnation list of Oct 23 2007 and Chap 5 Ordinance- Michael Boone
  • Reconstructed Zoning Map for Helena and West Helena
  • Sarah Smith- Desire to open business in residential area referred to Planning Commission
  • 220 N. 10th St Contacted- Travis Family- Pending Follow Up
    •  Garbage attracting pest-Pictured- Unresolved
      • Continue to receive complaints about pest and trash0

o       Issuing 1st Notice

  • Spoke with C.R Walker about cleaning Property on Ashlar and Bonanza- Unresolved
  • 414 Franklin St.-Lena Price- Emailed Pictures & list of Lawn Care Providers
  • Housing Authority-105 Stratton Dr- Grass has been sprayed- Pending follow up
  • Running Chapter 5 Notice on Channel 12 ( Sudden link)


Addressed complaint

o       1015 Perry- Bruce Hudson-Tree in City drainage channel

§         Referred to Womack-Unresolved

o       23 Lincoln Ct. –Compliant about overgrown lot-Aline Cannon Referred to lawn care providers

o       813 South St- Ms Olive Jefferson

o       James Brown-West St- Overgrown lot of 434 West St

o       513 West Park St- Overgrown Lot

o       Received numerous complaints of property on McDonough, Walker & College St.

o       Wilson Rogers- Lot 8 Block 2- Overgrown Lot

o       Nixon St- Daniel Carter- People riding over ditch on ATV-Contacted Sheriff's Department- Informed it is a police matter- Referred to WHWPD

o       701 Thomas St. -Waddell Realty Maintenance Of Property- Pending Follow-up

o       166 Westwood PL- House is open and vacant- Informed Lewis O'Neal-Pending Follow-Up

o       Rosie Churchhill –236Westwood- Septic Tank hole in backyard- Unresolved

    • Pat Kelly's Trailer Park- (Spoke with Attorney Valley about Code Enforcement authority in regards to properties located in the county) Unresolved


Addressed Fire Dept Complaints

      • None


Addressed Water Dept Complaints-

    • 208 S. 6th St. –Water leak in facet- contact owner pending-Unresolved


Addressed Street/Sanitation Dept.

·        Reference: Past reports

·        Johnson Studios Requesting Quote to demolish home next to studio- Referred to Victor- Awaiting Response


Cited Property for overgrown lots or lawns

·        519 Beech St- Unresolved- Owner Deceased- Referring to Oscar to cut-

·        820 Poplar St- Unresolved-

o       Contacted and said will take care of lawn- Pending 2nd Notice

·        527 Beech St- Unresolved

·        403 N. Baringo St.-Unresolved

·        521 St. Jean St.-Foreclosure in progress- Unresolved-Referred to Oscar to maintain lawn and billing responsible party

·        32 Parkdale St.- Pending making progress- Unresolved

·        400 Cleburne- Joseph Glassco- Referred to Oscar to Maintain

·                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     & nbsp;                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               & nbsp;                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               & nbsp;                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               & nbsp;                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               & nbsp;                                                                                                                                                                

Cited Property with debris or trash piles

    • 402 W Russell- Referred Don Coats to licensed lawn care services.
    • See past reports

Cited House

o       501 Ladino St – J & S GRO & DELI-

o       426 Bonanza St – C R Walker

o       528 Bonanza St- James Gordon –Tagged, Pictured, Notified- Unresolved

    • 122 Walker St.-Tagged, Pictured, Notified- Requested Extension via letter
    • 206 Beech St. Tagged, Pictured-Notified- Unresolved
      • Spoke with Ms. Bynum of Independent Mortgage
      • Property Burned Down- Contacting Owner about Cleanup
        • Sent 2nd Notice
    • 214 Beech St- Tagged, Pictured –Notice Burned Contacting Owner about Cleanup- Unresolved- Sent 2nd Notice
    • 216 Beech St- Tagged Pictured, Notified-Unresolved
      • Sent 2nd Notice
    • 104 Short Ohio St- Sent 2nd Notice
    • 150 S Ashlar St.- Tagged, Pictured, & Notified- Sent 2nd Notice Letter
      • Requested an extension
      • CR Walker will be repairing property given
    • 327 N. 9th St – Tagged & Pictured- Notified- Unresolved
      •  Sent 2nd Notice Letter
      • Property needs lawn area cleaned –
      • Cleaning property presently
    • 102 Richmond Hill Dr.- Tagged, Pictured & Notified.
      • Requesting extension to do repairs
      • Pending Second Notice to be sent

Cited Vehicles-


List Of Condemned Properties Pending submission to Planning Commission

Submitted Packet to Attorney Andre-

    • Reference: Past Reports
    • 314 Hernando St-
    • 1433 Perry St-


Mailed certified letters to property owners on severely dilapidated structures

    • Reference: Past Reports
    • 313 Miller St- Jones & Boughton
    • 238 S Ashlar St.- Lori Mosby
    • 23 Lincoln Ct- Bernard Scoggins- Mail Returned
    • 420 Columbia St- Victor Portis
      • Received Phone Call will correct problem


Mailed Regular letters to property owners regarding city's concerns

·        Issuing 3rd Notice

      • 23 Lincoln Ct-
      • 21 Lincoln Ct-
      • 1417 Cherry St- Sent landlord and tenant notice- Unresolved-
        • Ord 05.12.01 and Ord26-2006-Mr Fox contacting tenant regarding violations
      • Tenant has removed Unapproved structure and vehicles and covered remaining vehicles
      • 432 West St- Reminder to continue clean up- Sent 3rd Notice


Mailed Regular postcards to property owners regarding city's concerns

·        Lot 22 Delta Cleaners- Carolyn Sparks

·        Lot 18 Cherry Dale Sub – 225 Cherrydale – Henry Jordan

·        Lot 9 Block 30 – 313 S 6th St.- Robbie Boss


·        Block 74

o       Lot 11 – 133 S Coanza – Robert M Quick

o       Lot 13 – Johnny Lee

·        Block 66

o       Lot 3– 1307 Cherry St- Truman Rice

o       319 Hwy 49 (Quick Stop) - West Helena Minority Real Estate

·        Lots On Sears Lane- H W Bryant Subdivision

o       Lot PT 43 & 44 & 45 – Richard Boyd

o       Lot 19 – Word of Deliverance Church

o       Lot PT 50 – Henrietta Lewis

o       Lot 49 – Henry Banks

o       Lot17, 18 22 – Garland Ridenour

o       Lot 14 – Mamie Bell

o       Lot 12 – Allen Buckner

o       Lot PT 50 – James Thomas

·        137 S 5th St- Linda White

·        434 West St - George Hudson Jr.

·        Lot 2 Block 64- Sublime Investments

·        Lot 14 Block 71- Jannette Hardman

·        Lot 16 Block 64- Palm Bay Atlantic Corp

·        Lot 8 Block 2 Pillow Addition- Rogers Wilson

·        141 & 143 Anderson St. Lot 42 Block S- Jamie Woods

·        Lot 157 Merry land Sub- Chris Dimeglio

·        513 South ridge Dr

·        Lot 4 Block 29 Midland Heights Sub- ABCO Investments

·        Lot 27 West Acres Subdivision- Pending Review

·        Lot 76 & 77 Southpark- LT Sims- Pending Review

·        901 Plaza St- Steven Stewart-Pending 2nd Notice

·        620 St. Regis St- Brenda Stewart- Review

·        Lot PT 267 Old Helena- Maxine Miller- Pending Review


Addressed complaint from concerned citizen

·        157 Merry land Sub- Overgrown lot

    • 238 S. Ashlar St- Lori Mosby-
      • Property burned down contacting Owner-about clean up- Unresolved

o       144 Military Rd- Grass 2-3feet tall needs cutting- Referred to Oscar- Unresolved

o       Spoke with Oscar about cutting those lots that are in litigation or that have deceased ownership


Outstanding invoices in January will be sent a 3rd notice this week

o       Reference: Past reports



Submitted to Andre for collection

o       Reference: Past reports

o        Will Be sending notice of Collection Referral to all 3 month past due Invoices- per new protocol


Outstanding invoices in February will be sent a 3rd notice this week

    • Reference: Past reports


Outstanding invoices in March will be sent a 2nd notice this week

·        Reference: Past reports


Outstanding invoices in April

o       Reference: Past reports


Outstanding invoices in June

o       Water Lumber Co-

·        Lot 134 & 135 Merrylamd Sub-$341.00

Current Contracts

o       Reference: Past reports

o       928 Perry St.- Mary Wells- Per Victor


Submitted Ticket Citations to HWHPD

  • Annie Blue
    • 148 Anderson St
      • Review case on July 17
  • Dusty Patton
    • 250 N. Sebastian- Unresolved-
      • Sent 3rd Notice Letter
      • Spoke with Mr. Patton- Said he will comply when he is ready
      •  Issued Citation-by HWHPD- See Ms Poole
      • Mr. Patton has boarded up fence area; but still needs to clean around back and side.
      • Trial set for July 10th


Special Weekly Activities
  • Public Service Announcements
    • Airing on KJIW; KFFA,

·        City Council Meeting –June 24, 2008

·        Historic District Committee Meeting- July 24,2008; 5:30pm

·        Municipal League Conference- Hot Springs- June 18-20, 2008

        • Joshua McIntosh Attended





Future Weekly Activities:

    • 2008 Annual Conference- Oct 29-31, 2008
    • Arkansas Code Enforcement Council Meeting –Sept 10, 2008

o       Court on June 27-Dusty Patton Case; Annie Blue

o       Delta Bridge Goal Team Meeting- June 30, 2008

o       New Orleans Conference- July 10-13


Staff Concerns;

·        Air Conditioning not working in vehicles

o       Sent to City Shops See TA

·        Textbooks-Received

o       Legal Aspects of Code Administration

o       Basic Code Enforcement


Vehicle Gas Log;

·        Chevy Impala

·        16.5.gals-$66.00


Mail Log;

·        Current Totals-     $1032.84

·        25 X.27=         $6.75

·        04 X 5.50 =   $22.00

·        New Total-           $1061 .59


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