Wednesday, June 11, 2008

West Helena Water Installing 2" Water Line

You may have noticed the major street cut at the intersection of Plaza and Highway 49. The Boys & Girls Club, which will be located at that intersection in the old H & M Lumber building, is have a tremendous amount of work done. Part of the renovations included the installation of a fire suppression system. That system included an 8 inch water line. In addition to the fire suppression line, the club needed a 2 inch water line for other purposes.

I have three (3) videos, about one minute in length, from the water department guys tapping a main to install the 2" water line.

The guys, Jody Warren, Charles Cunnings and Willie "Peter Will" Dean are seasoned employees. Peter Will is explaining how to tap into a water main and that it will take about 15 minutes to complete. He also slips in a request for an increase in pay. I will be sure to pass his message on to the appropriate department.

In this next video, progress has been made, however they tap is not complete. The guys are describing the use of a 2 inch tapping machine. This machine, working like a drill bit, cuts a hole through the opened valve into the main and causes water to flow through the valve to the desired location.

Finally, in 15 minutes or less, the main is opened up and water flows into the 2 inch line. This is just snapshot of these guys and our city employees do to serve the greater good of the whole community.

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