Saturday, July 12, 2008

Arkansas General Assembly's Intent on Dogs and Cats

"The General Assembly finds that approximately six million (6,000,000) healthy dogs and cats are killed nationally each year in public and private shelters. Of this six million (6,000,000), it is estimated that forty thousand (40,000) are killed each year in Arkansas. Capture, containment and killing of surplus dogs and cats is an ineffective and inhumane method of addressing the problem of overpopulation and places an unnecessary drain on the financial and human resources of the people of the State of Arkansas. Shelter personnel suffer enormous psychological strain caused by the hidden costs to society of irresponsible pet owners. Spaying and neutering dogs and cats is a cheaper, more effective and more humane means of permanently reducing the surplus of dogs and cats. Further, experience has shown that less than fifty percent (50%) of persons who receive animals from shelters subject to an agreement to subsequently sterilize those animals, comply with their agreement. Attempts to enforce those agreements place an intolerable burden upon the enforcement effort. Young age spay/neuter has proved to be a safe and practical alternative to release of unsterilized animals. Therefore, the General Assembly hereby amends Arkansas Code 20-19-103 to require that in any county having a population of three hundred thousand (300,000) or greater, dogs and cats over two (2) months of age be spayed and neutered prior to their release by pounds, shelters or humane organizations."

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