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Code Enforcement Report (DHR) 7-3-08

July 3, 2008

Code Enforcement Weekly Report

June 30 – July 3, 2008


Department:   Code Enforcement

Date:                July 3, 2008

Prepared by:   Joshua McIntosh

Code Enforcement Officer


Special Weekly Activities 6/30 – 7/3/08


·         Addressed a complaint of Pete Smart 510 E. Baldwin.  Lot needs cutting, he caught possums, coons, rats and snakes FROM THE GRASS.  Franklin Ice House are the last known owners

·         Complainant about a lot on West Street next to Tony McGinister mother's house.  Lot belongs to Judge Rusty Porter.  Grown up with Johnson grass.

·         Addressed complaint of dilapidated car on the corner of 4th and Quarles Lane

·         Addressed a complaint at 526 E. Park Street – lot growing up with rats coming out

·         Complaint of Dorothy Sims 58 W. Park, lot on the corner of West Park by Caution light needs cutting.

·         Mrs. Edmond of 505 Biscoe St. – 503 Biscoe looks like a jungle and needs cutting, also a house there needs to be torn down.  The house house was tagged and photographed.  Mr. Hoskins advised that Helen Porter is the owner

·         314 West Street lot on both sides of it need cutting

·         408 West Street – lot before this address need cutting

·         Lot between 408 & 414 need cutting

·         139 Walnut St – Webb & Company the bricks falling out and windows broken.  Vern and Ed Boyd the owners

·         Lot next to 320 Phillips, is grassy, hole water washing out the side walk

·         319 Cherry Street – lot between the building needs cutting

·         Mimosa Street – 700, 701 and 716 lot over grown.  716 burned house

·         Complainant of Foster Williams 239 Desota St lot on Hernando Street need cutting and piles need to be picked up

·         550 Alice St – boarded up house, yard needs cutting

·         121 Hackberry St. – Barbara Williams complained about a dilapidated house and lot grown up.  She believes that Leonard Fitzgerald is the owner

·         Pastor Reed called about Lot 19 H.W. Bryant Subdivision he will start working on c leaning up but nees more time (247 Long Bell & Park Street)

·         Malik Omar Hakeem of 724 S. Regis Dr. complained of dogs running loose and chasing people in the neighborhood.  The owner lives at 728 St. Regis

·         314 West Street – owners Eddie Mae and Jimmy Martin, lot need mowing

·         701 Mimosa – owner Melvin Ewart Thomas, lot need mowing

·         Homer Hair Jr. 503 Biscoe St – grass need mowing

·         JW & Lucille Smart 510 E. Baldwin – grass need mowing

·         420 Columbia Street – lot has been cleaned up


Letters mailed


·         1325 Pecan Street

·         1239 Poplar Street – burned house


Future Weekly Activities


·         Continue addressing overgrown lots and dilapidated structures


·         Continue to mail out certified letters to property owners on overgrown lots and dilapidated structures.


Follow-up Activities


·         Continue to monitor and contact property owners with overgrown lots

·         Monitor Work progress on Lot 19 HW Bryant Subdivision 247 Longbell & Park Rev. Reed

·         Monitor work progress of Ed and Verna Boyd, old Webb Packing Company building on Walnut Street



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