Saturday, July 12, 2008

Department Head Report

Code Enforcement Weekly Report

July 7 – July 11, 2008


Department:   Code Enforcement

Date:                           July 11, 2008

Prepared by:  P. Allen

Code Enforcement Officer


Special Weekly Activities 7/7/08 – 7/11/08


·        Lot 22-35 HW Bryant Subdivision called; sent fax of Lawn Care Providers

·        Pillow Hill Property- Referred to Victor

·        Lot PT 50 HW Bryant Subdivision called; sent list of Lawn Care Providers

·        420 Columbia- House cleaned Up sufficiently

·        Lot 157 Merry land Subdivision; sent email of list of Lawn Care Providers

·        Attended Planning Committee Meeting

·        Contacted Belynda Headley- Kids For the Future- about modular unit placement

·        Spoke with Buddy Waddell about zoning map

·        Considering Rezoning Part of Panama Rd for Daycare use.

·        Curtis Powers – Establishing DayCare on Panama Rd

·        Lot 125; Lot 134 Merryland Subdivision; Water Lumber Co. Paid Inv.01230- $341.00

·        1015 Perry St Bruce Hudson- Tree in City drainage channel- Resolved (Thanks Womack)

·        Met with Joe Madonia Complaint about- Properties around Walker, Poplar, and, McDonough

·        Resubmitted Properties to Attorney Andre

·        Met with Paula Oliver about Code Enforcement for the Historic District

·        Met with Andre Valley- Set up weekly meeting Thursdays at 11:30am

·        Discussed Leans, Collections of Invoices, Working closer together to get city paid for maintenance of private property, Contracts,

·        Inspected 4 residences in West Helena- See Dana

·        250 Sebastian- Dusty Patton- Convicted of violation of Ord. 26-2007 and Chap 5.12.01

§         Judge delayed collection of fines, ordered compliance by requiring Code Enforcement to meet with Mr. Patton on Monday 10:30am to point out specifically what the violations are and what he needs to do to comply.

·        Maxine Miller- Referred list of individuals that will demolish house for set price( to include landfill charges)

·        Complaint by citizens

§          314 E Cleburne- Trees left in drain ditch

§         300 Blk third St.- Trash in vacant lot

§         408 E. Garland – Trash creating smell


Letters mailed


·        1325 Pecan Street-2nd Notice

·        1239 Poplar Street – burned house-pending notification


Future Weekly Activities


·        Continue addressing overgrown lots and dilapidated structures


·        Continue to mail out certified letters to property owners on overgrown lots and dilapidated structures.


Follow-up Activities


·        Continue to monitor and contact property owners with overgrown lots

·        Monitor Work progress on Lot 19 HW Bryant Subdivision 247 Longbell & Park Rev. Reed

·        Monitor work progress of Ed and Verna Boyd, old Webb Packing Company building on Walnut Street


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