Saturday, July 26, 2008

Department of Parks & Recreation Weekly Report

Department: Parks and Recreation
Date: July 25, 2008
Prepared by: O'Shea Burrell

Specific Weekly Activities:
July19, 2008
• North Helena Park was groomed
• Week 2 Swim Camp pre-testing continues today from 10am-12noon
• Week 2 of ACC Camp officially begins
• ACC Coordinators Conduct meeting in H-WHCC
• TFH leaves supplies in H-WHCC for arriving Volunteers
July 20, 2008
• ACC Camp Week 2 Welcoming Ceremony begins in North Helena Park Pool Pavilion at 530pm
• ACC and Swim Camp volunteers conduct meeting in H-WHCC about weekly activities and expectations
July 21, 2008
• ACC Camp begins summer activities in North Helena Park
• Week 2 Swim Camp begins in North Helena Park
• Summer Food Program placed order with PFG
• Preschool Camp Week 2 at New Hope Church continues
• Post Swim Camp Activities in H-WHCC from 3pm to 5pm
• H-WHCC Staff assisted each Camp as needed throughout the day
• Staff set up and broke down tables and props for Camps
• Tae Bo/ Weightlifting class cancelled due to lack of equipment
• Rental agreement drafts being produced
• Groomed Big Baseball Field in North Helena Park
• H-WHCC Staff worked with Together For Hope in working on Pool Pavilion flower beds and shrubs
July 22, 2008
• PFG made delivery to H-WHCC
• Adult Free play in H-WHCC beginning at 530pm ending at 9pm
• Finished Grooming North Helena Park
• Swim Camp was relocated to H-WHCC due to thunderstorm in North Helena
• Crawford Plumbing installed sewer and water lines at NHPPP
• Two 42inch industrial fans were purchased from H&M.
July 23, 2008
• Tae Bo/ Weightlifting class begins at 630pm
• Volleyball begins in H-WHCC at 730pm
• Groomed Little Baseball Field in North Helena Park
• Together For Hope used laundry room in H-WHCC
July 24, 2008
• Game room area floor being tiled
• Sacred Heart was groomed
• Adult Free play in H-WHCC beginning at 530pm
• Weightlifting class began at 630pm
• Closing Ceremony in the North Helena Park Pool Pavilion
• Mayor James F. Valley formally named the North Helena Park Pool Pavilion the "Earnest Womack & Kate Hall Pavilion"
• Rental agreement drafts being produced
• H-WHCC lawn groomed
• Golf Course Inventory was conducted
July 25, 2008
• Post Swim Camp Inventory
• Tables and chairs will be returned to H-WHCC from EW&KH Pavilion
July 26, 2008
• Blakely Family Reunion in H-WHCC
Future Weekly Activities:
• Cunningham/Bryant 4person Tournament at Golf Course
• School Supply Give Away at Cad Polk Stadium from 8am to 12noon on August 9
• Sickle Cell Walk. Parks and Recreation Department are asked to supply tents, tables, and chairs. This event will be held August 9th at Cad Polk Stadium
• School Supply Drive will be held in H-WHCC on August 13 at 6pm
• Continue to clean the park restrooms and monitor the portable restrooms each day
Follow-up Activities:
• Girl's softball games
• Food program continues
• Order playground equipment for Washington Street Park
• Get invoice for siding at Pool Pavilion
• Finished final details to get electrical account set-up at EW&KH Pavilion
• Produce functional invoice for Kipp Swim Camp
• Inquire about suggested rental fee for Malco Theater one night per month
Staff Concerns/Issues
• Car show and security
• H-WHCC Staff has been attentively working with TFH during the Swim Camp, ACC Camp, and Youth Transformers Camp for the past two weeks. Each camp has been feed through the Summer Food Program and its staff; furthermore, these camps have demanded much attention from the entire staff. This has resulted in extensive overtime hours worked by the H-WHCC Staff.
• Overhead door needs repair at Pool Pavilion
• Rental fee/ permit cost to rent any Park in H-WH
• Gas usage/mileage:
July 21, 2008
• 24.5 gal/ 91,183 Dodge
July 22, 2008
• 51.4 gal/ 126,058 Chevy
• 1-6gallon gas can,
• 3-5 gallon cans
• 1-2gallon can

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