Friday, August 22, 2008

Parks and Recreation Deparment Weekly Report

Weekly Department Report



Department: Parks and Recreation


Date: August 22, 2008


Prepared by: B. O'Shea Burrell


Specifically Weekly Activities


August 15, 2008/Friday

  • Storage room shelf will be rebuilt and placed in the storage room.
  • Eric Martin hosted a Birthday Party in the HWHCC.

August 16, 2008/Saturday

  • Vandle & Motisha Bland hosted the Stoplight Party in the HWHCC for students 18 and under. 

August 18, 2008/Monday

  • HWHCC Staff groomed HWHCC.
  • Adult Free play in HWHCC at 530pm.
  • HWHCC Staff conducted meeting about Parks and Recreation concerns and issues.  Meeting has become a part of the monthly agenda as a department.
  • Tae Bo & Weightlifting class begins at 6pm promptly.

August 19, 2008/Tuesday

  • HWHCC Staff groomed North Helena Park, Solomon Park, and Sacred Heart.
  • Afterschool tutorial began today.  Homework and academic assistance 3pm- 5pm.  5pm-6pm Tutorial Free play. 
  • All students must turn in an Information Sheet.
  • Adult Free Play from 6pm-9pm.

August 20, 2008/Wednesday

  • Weed-eated the North Helena Park before the rain.
  • HWHCC Staff cleaned the GMC Sierra.  Removing all rubbish and waste from the truck bed. 
  • Afterschool Tutorial began today.  Homework and academic assistance from 3pm- 5pm.  5pm-6pm Tutorial Free play. 
  • HWHCC Staff picked up paper, limbs, and rubbish in North Helena Park after the rain cleared.
  • Tae Bo and Pilates was held in the side room.  Attendance: 20/ 5 women-9men-6children
  • Community Volleyball began promptly at 7pm. 

August 21, 2008/Thursday

  • Tae Bo and Pilates began at 6pm in side room. 
  • Information and Registration forms for Youth Girl's Basketball were distributed to all schools in the area.
  • Information and Registration forms for Adult Men's Basketball were distributed to former teams and new team prospects in Helena-West Helena and Forrest City.
  • Adult Free play began at 6pm 

August 22, 2008/ Friday

  • Counseling services had an activity day in the HWHCC.
  • HWHCC Staff groomed Washington Street Park and North Helena Park.
  • Information and Registration forms for Adult Men's Basketball were distributed.
  • Eric Martin has an event in the HWHCC.

August 23, 2008/ Saturday

  • TFH conducts a Jewelry Making class in the HWHCC Library.
  • Minor Family Reunion will be held in the HWHCC.

Future Weekly Activities

·         August 25th Drug Education Seminar, mandatory for new Employees

·         September 6th Masquerade Party will be held in the H-WHCC.

·         September 10th Grass and Turf Management Seminar in Little Rock

·         September 13th Adult Men's League Tip-off at 6pm.

  • September 29th the Notary Public will have a seminar in the HWHCC
  • October 14th-18th O'Shea, Chan and Tracy will be in Baltimore, Maryland for a NRPA Congress and Exposition.
  • November 1st  Deadline to accept registration forms for Girls Youth League.
  • November 4th  Girls Youth League begins.

Follow-up Activities

·         Order playground equipment for Washington Street Park

·         Get invoice for siding at Pool Pavilion

·         Produce functional invoice for Kipp Swim Camp

·         Inquire about suggested rental fee for Malco Theater one night per month

·         Coat hangers will be assembled next to the cubbies

Staff Concerns/ Issues

·         Car show and security

·         Overhead door needs repair at Pool Pavilion

·         Rental fee/ permit cost to rent any Park in H-WH

·         There is a pot hole on Miller Street directly in front of the door of the HWHCC that needs to be repaired as soon as possible.

·         Tae Bo and Pilates class needs equipment and supplies.  The attendance is growing and becoming more and more consistent.  COME JOIN US!!!!!

·         8.3 gallons in the Dixie Chopper, and John Deere Mowers

·         20.4 gallons in jugs. 2(2) gallon jugs-1(6) gallon jug- 3(5) gallon jugs

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