Friday, August 29, 2008

Parks and Recreation Deparment Weekly Report

Weekly Department Report



Department: Parks and Recreation


Date: August 29, 2008


Prepared by: B. O'Shea Burrell


Specifically Weekly Activities


August 23, 2008/Saturday

  • TFH conducted a Delta Jewels class in the HWHCC Library from 9am-12noon
  • The Minor Family used the HWHCC for it Family Reunion Meet and Greet, and its Evening Banquet. 9am-12am

August 24, 2008/ Sunday


August 25, 2008/Monday

  • After-school Tutorial.  3pm-5pm Tutoring and Academic Assistance.  5pm-6pm Tutorial Free play. 
  • HWHCC Staff groomed North Helena Park, River Park, and North Ridge in West Helena
  • Tae Bo class was cancelled, the Television and VCR was removed from HWHCC prior to class starting.   

August 26, 2008/Tuesday

  • HWHCC Staff
  • After-school Tutorial.  3pm-5pm Tutoring and Academic Assistance.  5pm-6pm Tutorial Free play.
  • Trimming at North Helena Park done by HWHCC Staff.
  • Brakes, U-joints, and Rotors were replaced on White Dodge.
  • New trash containers, funnels and dollies were received at HWHCC. 
  • Estimate of backstop at North Helena and Pro shop.
  • Adult basketball free play in HWHCC at 530pm
  • Weightlifting class begins at 6pm.
  • Edwards Painting stared repairing the roof in North Helena Park Little League Field.

August 27, 2008/Wednesday

  • HWHCC Staff partially groomed the River Park.
  • After-school Tutorial.  3pm-5pm Tutoring and Academic Assistance.  5pm-6pm Tutorial Free play
  • HWHCC Staff groomed the HWHCC lawn.
  • PFG food order placed for HWHCC.
  • Tae Bo class was cancelled due to the absence of the proper equipment.
  • Light weight lifting and stomach exercises were conducted instead.
  • Adults played volleyball from 7pm- about 9pm.

August 28, 2008/Thursday

  • After-school Tutorial.  3pm-5pm Tutoring and Academic Assistance.  5pm-6pm Tutorial Free play.
  • Adult basketball free play in HWHCC at 530pm
  • HWHCC Staff completed grooming the River Park
  • HWHCC Staff groomed the 10th Street Park and Sacred Heart.
  • Port-a-Potties were delivered to 10th Street Park, North Helena Park, and Washington Street Park.

August 29, 2008/Friday

  • HWHCC Staff prepares building for Class of 1998 Reunion Picnic. 
  • All activities and functions will be completed before12noon. 

August 30, 2008/ Saturday

  • Class of 1988 has Reunion Picnic in the HWHCC.

Future Weekly Activities

  • September 5th- Central vs. PA After-Party will be held in the HWHCC.
  • Adult Men's Basketball league will begin September 14th.  Teams will play on Sunday and Monday for approximately 6 weeks.   
  • September 19th Mid-Delta will distribute Commodities in the HWHCC.
  • September 29th the Notary Public will have a seminar in the HWHCC.
  • November 8th Literacy Game in Little Rock

Follow-up Activities

·         Order playground equipment for Washington Street Park.

·         HWHCC Staff is now accepting registration forms for Girl's Youth Basketball League, which will begin in November. 

·         Get invoice for siding at Pool Pavilion.

·         Produce functional invoice for Kipp Swim Camp.

·         Inquire about suggested rental fee for Malco Theater one night per month.

·         Coat hangers will be assembled next to the cubbies.

·         Storage room door at HWHCC was repaired and re-keyed.

Staff Concerns/ Issues

·         Car show and security

·         Overhead door needs repair at Pool Pavilion.

·         Rental fee/ permit cost to rent any Park in H-WH.

·         The outside workers have been on a 6am to 2pm work schedule due to the extreme heat.

·         Tae Bo and Pilates classes need equipment and supplies to continue to be productive. 

·         Estimate for storage building at North Helena Park.

·         Estimate to replace Greens at HWHMGC.

·         Estimate for irrigation system at HWHMGC.










Lawn Mowers & 1(2gal), 3(5gal)




Red Chevy




1 (6gal.), 3(5gal), 1(2gal) Jugs








Lawn Mowers




Red Chevy & 2 (5gal), 1(6gal), 1(2gal) Jugs



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