Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Parks and Recreation Weekly Report for July 7th-14th

Weekly Department Report

Department: Parks and Recreation
Date: July 14th, 2008
Prepared by: O'Shea Burrell

Specific Weekly Activities:
• July 7th- Cleaning at the Malco
• July 7th- Grass was cut at the Community Center
• July 8th- Crawford Plumbing repaired leaks at Golf Course
• July 8th- Vending Machines arrived at Community Center, Street and Sanitation Shop, and Pool House
• July 9th- Meeting with Food Service Program
• July 10th- Carts arrived at Golf Course
• July 10th-Grass was cut at the North Helena Park
• July 10th- Grass was cut in Sacred Heart
• July 10th- Grass was cut in Solomon Park
• July 10th- All in one printer was picked up for Community Center
• July 11th- Tent was assembled in North Helena Park for Swim Camp
• July 11th- Tennis court area was cleaned and groomed for tables and chairs to be stored during ACC Camp.
• July 11th- Vineyard Family Reunion in Community Center
• July 11th- Computer tower purchased and set-up in Community Center.
• July11th- Swim Camp pre-testing in North Helena Park from 6pm to 7pm
• July12th- Karen Jakes Birthday Party in Community Center
• July12th- Swim Camp pre-testing in North Helena Park from 10am-12pm
• July12th- Sr. High Boys participated in a tournament
Future Weekly Activities:
• Pepsi will deliver vending machine
• Swim camp will start pre-testing Friday at 5:30pm
• Youth Camp for 13-15 year old will be held at the Helena-west Helena Community Center. Start-up time will be 9am.
Follow-up Activities:
• Camp registration and pre-testing
• Girl's softball games
• Food program
• Volunteers for camps in the North Helena Park and the Community Center
Staff Concerns/Issues
• Marquila Kones and Brian Greene continue to complete community service hours
• Dixie Chopper 737 belt continues to come off
• Car show and security
• Rental Fee for Park and Permit Fee
• Gas usage/mileage:
• 29.9 gal/125,652 Chevy -- 26.0 gal/ 90,384Dodge

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