Friday, August 8, 2008

Parks and Recreation Weekly Report

Weekly Department Report

Department: Parks and Recreation

Date: August 8, 2008

Prepared by: B. O'Shea Burrell

Specifically Weekly Activities

August 4, 2008
• Priced Uniforms in Memphis and Southaven
• HWHCC Staff groomed North Helena Park
• Tae Bo class began at 530pm
August 5, 2008
• HWHCC Staff partially groomed Solomon Park, 10th Street Park, and the River Park.
• Adult Freeplay in HWHCC at 530pm
• Weightlifting class begins at 6pm
August 6, 2008
• HWHCC Staff sprayed Solomon Park, North Helena Park, and Sacred Heart
• HWHCC Staff groomed the HWHCC lawn.
• Tae Bo class began a new tape, and attendance is steadily rising.
• Light weight lifting and stomach exercises.
• Adults played basketball from 630pm to 8pm.
• Adults played volleyball from 8pm- about 10pm.
August 7, 2008
• HWHCC Staff groomed Washington Street Park.
• HWHCC Staff partially groomed River Park.
• Transformer Bible Study n HWHCC from 5pm-6pm
• PFG food order placed for HWHCC.
August 8, 2008
• HWHCC completed grooming the River Park, and Washington street park
• HWHCC Staff set up tents for Back to School Rally at Cad Polk Stadium
• 8am 4 man Scramble at Golf Course
• Tables were taken to stage for Saturday
Future Weekly Activities
• School Supply Give Away at Cad Polk Stadium from 8am to 12noon on August 9
• Sickle Cell Walk. Parks and Recreation Department are asked to supply tents, tables, and chairs. This event will be held August 9th at Cad Polk Stadium
• School Supply Drive will be held in H-WHCC on August 13 at 6pm
• August 6th Mascarade Pary will be held in the H-WHCC.
• September 29th the Notary Public will have a seminar in the HWHCC
Follow-up Activities
• Food program continues
• Order playground equipment for Washington Street Park
• Get invoice for siding at Pool Pavilion
• Produce functional invoice for Kipp Swim Camp
• Inquire about suggested rental fee for Malco Theater one night per month
• H-WHCC Staff is accepting uniform information
• Coat hangers will be assembled next to the cubbies
• Storage room shelf will be rebuilt and placed in the storage room.
Staff Concerns/ Issues
• Car show and security
• Overhead door needs repair at Pool Pavilion
• Rental fee/ permit cost to rent any Park in H-WH
• The outside workers have been on a 6am to 2pm work schedule due to the extreme heat
• Jacob Walker was in the Little Rock Children's Hospital. He has a brain tumor and the family is asking for prayers. He has begun to walk and has returned home.
• 25.0 gal/91,789 Dodge – B.O. Burrell
• 30.5 gal/ gas cans and lawn mowers- Gerald Carter

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