Friday, August 15, 2008

Parks & Recreation Department Weekly Report

Weekly Department Report



Department: Parks and Recreation


Date: August 15, 2008


Prepared by: B. O'Shea Burrell


Specifically Weekly Activities


August 8, 2008/Friday

  • Cunningham/ Bryant Golf Tournament at HWHMGC. Had 17 teams at $280/team

August 9, 2008/Saturday

  • HWHCC Staff set up and broke down tables and tents at the Back to School Rally at Cad Polk Stadium.
  • HWHCC Staff pruned trees at HWHCC
  • Cunningham/ Bryant Golf Tournament continued.  Winners were Simpson, Patterson, Ewing and Bilingsley.
  • HWHG Assoc. Proceds went to H.W.H.G.A.

August 11, 2008/Monday

  • HWHCC Staff groomed HWHCC.
  • Adult Freeplay in HWHCC at 530pm
  • HWHCC Staff conducted meeting with members of Delta Sigma Theta about Uniform Distribution and tasks to be completed.
  • Weightlifting class begins at 6pm

August 12, 2008/Tuesday

  • HWHCC Staff traveled to Memphis to pick-up school uniforms.
  • Adults played basketball from 630pm to 9pm.
  • HWHCC Staff cleaned Malco
  • Routine maintenance was performed on the Lawn Mowers
  • Tennis Court Storage area was cleaned out

August 13, 2008/Wednesday

  • HWHCC was groomed and set up for Supply Drive
  • 802 pcs/401 sets of uniforms an d supplies given away
  • School supplies donated by Second Baptist Church of Little Rock
  • School Supply Drive at HWHCC beginning at 530pm and ended at 730pm
  • Members of Delta Sigma Theta and the Delta Academy and Delta Gems assisted with the Uniform and Supply distribution.
  •  Cut North Helena Park

August 14, 2008/Thursday

  • Kids for the Future had a graduation practice in HWHCC from 130pm to 3pm.
  • Adult Freeplay began at 530pm
  • Pilates and Tae Bo began at 6pm
  • Completely groomed North Helena Park
  • 329 Gallons of Diesel Fuel was delivered to the HWHMGC
  • Together for Hope has completed the painting of the cubbies in the HWHCC

August 15, 2008/ Friday

  • Kids for the Future graduation at 9am
  • HWHCC Staff was needed to set up and breakdown table and other props for the event.
  • Last day of the Summer Food Program

August 16, 2008/ Saturday

  • Stoplight Party in HWHCC
  • Security provided by Phillips Couny C.S.
  • End of the Year Pool Cookout at HWHPP in North Helena

Future Weekly Activities

  • All staff meeting Monday @ 1:30 p.m.
  • August 22nd- Counseling Service Pic Nic at Commubity Center@ 10:00 a.m.
  • August 25th- Tutorial Snack Program begins
  • After school program will start the 25th of August
  • Sept 8-12th USDA commodities distribution
  • September 29th the Notary Public will have a seminar in the HWHCC
  • November 29th- 9 pc. Band concert at the Malco @ 7:30 p.m.

Follow-up Activities

·         Food program continues

·         Order playground equipment for Washington Street Park

·         Get invoice for siding at Pool Pavilion

·         Produce functional invoice for Kipp Swim Camp

·         Inquire about suggested rental fee for Malco Theater one night per month

  • H-WHCC Staff is accepting uniform information

·         Coat hangers will be assembled next to the cubbies

·         Storage room shelf will be rebuilt and placed in the storage room.

Staff Concerns/ Issues

·         Car show and security

·         Overhead door needs repair at Pool Pavilion

·         Rental fee/ permit cost to rent any Park in H-WH

·         Tae Bo and Pilates class instructor has expressed interest in purchasing equipment for classes to be more productive, and designated space for this activity.

·         The outside workers have been on a 6am to 2pm work schedule due to the extreme heat

·         Tennis Courts in North Helena Park were broken into on Wednesday Night.

·         Fence at Gene Bearden Stadium was vandlized.

·         Window of Story on Wheels Bus was broken by a rock from the weedeater and was repaired by Deaton Glass on August 14, 2008.

·         8.3 gallons in the Dixie Chopper, and John Deere Mowers

·         20.4 gallons in jugs. 2(2) gallon jugs-1(6) gallon jug- 3(5) gallon jugs




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