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At Phillips Community College, we've been helping students better their lives through education for over 40 years. Register for the fall semester today and let our professionals help guide and support you every step of the way. (Rhonda St. Columbia photo)

Eliminate stress of paying for college by enrolling at PCCUA

For many parents, worrying about paying for their kids to attend college can be overwhelming. By keeping their students close to home, parents can eliminate the stress of paying for college by enrolling them at Phillips Community College of the University of Arkansas (PCCUA) today.

While earning a college degree can change your life, getting one shouldn't turn your life upside down, and PCCUA is sensitive to the needs of students who are trying to balance the demands of work, family and personal life as they work toward their chosen degrees.

PCCUA is committed to helping parents send their kids to college without going broke. Students can live at home and attend PCCUA for the first two years and save thousands compared to the cost of attending a university for all four years. They complete their first two years at Phillips, then transfer to a four-year college or university for their junior year. It is the easiest most affordable way to complete a bachelor's degree. Because Phillips College is accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, our courses easily transfer to any other accredited college or university. In order to ensure a smooth transfer, Phillips maintains transfer agreements with most area four-year colleges.

PCCUA tuition is very affordable. The current rate for Phillips and Arkansas County residents is $55 per credit hour or $825 per semester for full-time (15 credit hours) students. Approximate tuition costs per semester for full-time students at area four-year colleges include: Arkansas State University at a cost of $2,130; the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville at $2,386; and the University of Arkansas at Little Rock at $2,220. Credits gained at Phillips College easily transfer to four-year universities, because PCCUA has written agreements that allow rapid transfer to many colleges in Arkansas and beyond.

Parents get a good deal for the money they spend at Phillips because our faculty specialize in the needs of first- and second-year students, which means our students get quality instruction and services unmatched by most four-year colleges. Many universities place freshmen and sophomores in large classes taught by graduate student teaching assistants. That means after you've paid your money for a college-level course, the chances are high that you'll be taught by another student who's working his way through college teaching undergraduate courses. At Phillips, our instructors are required to have a master's or doctorate degree in the subjects they teach.

Students who choose to study online may begin working on an Associate of Arts (A.A.) degree. Our A.A. degree online program allows students seeking an associate degree to apply for admission, receive academic advice and financial aid information, register, and pay for classes -- all online. The cost is $85 per credit hour or $255 per each three-hour course, plus a $5 computer fee for the first course.

Your savings program should also include filing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, applying for local, state, national and institutional scholarships, as well as checking your eligibility for the Workforce Improvement Grant and Career Pathways (both sponsored by the Arkansas Department of Higher Education).

PCCUA offers high school students a one-fourth tuition discount for every three-hour college credit class they take while in high school. This discount applies to fall, spring and summer semesters.

Fall registration is underway now. For class offerings and an online schedule, visit www.pccua.edu. Those who are interested in taking classes online may contact Lynn Boone at (870) 338-6474, ext. 1235, or send an e-mail to vking@pccua.edu. For information about PCCUA scholarships, contact Stephanie Arnold at ext. 1240 or sarnold@pccua.edu.

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