Tuesday, August 12, 2008


City of Helena West Helena Police Department

Saturation Zone and Curfew Plan of Action
August 12, 2008


The Police Department has assessed our crime situation in the City of Helena-West Helena and we have come up with a plan of action that we think will address a lot of problems that we are having in our community.  Over the last several days, we have successfully implemented curfew saturations in the areas of Anderson and Sebastian, to Anderson and 4th Street, 4th Street and Plaza, 4th Street and Sebastian.


Our new plan will consist of zoning our city into six (6) sectors.  This will allow us the ability to assign officers to each sector per shift.  We feel that this will allow our officers the ability to focus on a particular area. 


  1. Our zoning plan will also allow our Records Department to report our high crime areas by zones.  The information will give us the ability to know the areas that we need to saturate.  Our saturation efforts per zoning plan will work the way that our curfew plan has worked.  Our saturation efforts will consist of checkpoints, foot patrol, knock and talk, and identification of our criminal element. We will exercise every opportunity to serve pre-existing warrants. 


  1. We propose to take N. 2nd Street from Plaza Street to Anderson Street, a south bound one-way street and N. 3rd Street from Plaza Street to Anderson Street, a north bound one-way street, with Center Street from Anderson Street to N. 2nd Street, a one-way street.


  1. Additionally, we are proposing a swap out program.  This program will utilize officers from other agencies for covert operations such as surveillance. 


  1. The Curfew shall be applied to minors at all times are required by the city code. Adults will be observed on a case by case basis and dealt with in accord with established state and federal law.


  1. The Department has not made any arrest, to date, for curfew violations. All violators which have been processed were for other breaks with the law. However, we are proceeding with zero tolerance on crimes and traffic in the relevant zones.


During this 3 day operation, the department has netted a total of 32 arrests, of which 22 were misdemeanors and 10 felonies.  The majority of these arrests were weapons violations and drug possessions to include the following:


  • 2 simultaneous possession of drugs and firearms
  • 7 possession with intent to deliver
  • 1 fugitive warrant served
  • 4 misdemeanor possession of firearm
  • 2 misdemeanor possession of marijuana
  • 18 existing outstanding warrants

a)      7 suspended d/l

b)      8 FTA

c)      3 no d/l


During this 3 day period, arrests were 26% of last month's arrest total.


In order to accomplish these proposed goals, we are asking the city for funding in the areas of shift differential pay for the officers and dispatchers who participate in our saturation and zoning plan.  This differential takes into consideration that persons will be working late night shifts in addition to regular tours of duty. These late night shifts average four (4) hours.


Also we will need funding for surveillance equipment and rental cars for our swap out program and covert operations.  We are also asking that the City Council to take appropriate measures for turning 2nd Street, 3rd Street, and Center Street into one-way corridors. 


The morale of our department is very high.  Our efforts will continually be aimed for the preservation for the safety and protection of our citizens of this community.  We ask that the City Council and this community accept our proposed plan and support our efforts.


Stay informed: http://mayorjfvalley.googlepages.com/recentjournalentries (Recent Entries on Mayor's Journal)

Honorable James F. Valley
MAYOR - Helena West Helena
P O Box 248
Helena-West Helena, 72342
870-572-3421 Phone
870-572-5034 Fax
870-817-4035 Cell


Anonymous said...

I think you're a douchebag.

Anonymous said...

Nothing like trampling on the Rights of Citizens...

Anonymous said...

"Heil Führer Valley"

Anonymous said...

So this is how Facsism works huh?? Why don't you try keeping the trash in jail? Actually punish a criminal? I hear that works in other countries.
Are those police officers patrolling the streets or SS Storm troopers?

Orwell would be proud!!!

weenis said...

Did you get this idea before or after reading "Mein Kampf"?

Also, I have a few ideas about how to make your city even safer.

1. People can wear ID Badges that are publicly displayed.

2. No one except for family the driver is allowed in vehicles driven in public places.

3. Criminals are required to wear uniforms when in public.

4. Ban all guns, except for law enforcement.

5. Give away free TVs. Keeps people at home, and since everyone is always stealing TVs, once everyone has one, it won't be such a commodity.

That should help things out a bit.

A great man once said-

"Everyone imposes his own system as far as his army can reach."

Well kind sir, I hope your army is large enough, you might be able to change the world!

Anonymous said...

Heil Führer Valley

Anonymous said...

Kudos to the mayor, law enforcement, and any supporter of this curfew.... This plan of action has led to many arrest and with every new arrest comes a better way of life for the community. Just think of what safety and security means to everyone in the community and you will all realize that it supercedes your misinterpretations of "constitutional rights". Keep up the good work down there!!

Anonymous said...

Have fun convicting those arrested. Just about every single search was illegal and unconstitutional.

Anonymous said...

Mayor Valley,
Congratulations on your successful operation. You know you are doing the right thing when all the liberals call you Hitler and whine about criminal's civil rights. I have sent my mayor, city council, city manager, and chief of police copies of your programs advising they adopt a similar plan in our city. Best wishes from Texas.
Jim H.

Anonymous said...

Wow.. so many comparisons to Adolf Hitler. Are they really all that accurate?

Sure Hitler was a fascist jerk, but he was also an incredibly powerful and intelligent dude.

All that this douchebag's did was inact a illegal curfew and release a bunch of dogs into the woods so that they'll become ferral, breed and take over the city while everyone's locked in their houses.

Josh Troy said...

You people are amazing. Mayor Valley has done something to try to help the community and you can't acknowledge it. What he has done can only help the city.

Anonymous said...

Because of the rampant crime in the united states I think that we should try this plan on a large scale! Effective tonight no citizen of the U.S shall be outside of their house after 8:00pm! Martial Law is fun for the whole family!!

Fascist Pigs...

Anonymous said...

Seeing as though minorities (blacks) make up 17% percent of the population of the U.S and they make up 65% of the prison population it would make sense to ban blacks right???
Enforce the law.. don't infringe on the rights of others. Jesse Jackson can suck it.
How many of the people that were arrested were white?? If it's 5% I would be stunned!!!