Friday, August 8, 2008

Sanitation Weekly DH Report 8-8-2008




August 4th-7th 2008

Prepared by : Quiania Williams, Vic Jordan

Specific Weekly Activities:

Monday 8/4/2008

Ran the regular Lake View trash route

Begin demolition @1023 Poplar Street

Completed cleaning of debris on Beech Street

Placed logo(s) on garbage trucks and on cargo trailer(GO COUGARS, GO T-BIRDS)

Installed shelves and carpet in cargo trailer

Total tonnage & cost to landfill;64.69tn,$ 1811.32cost

Tuesday 8/5/2008

Ran the regular trash route @ 4:00 a.m.

Picked up several missed garbage..

Continued work on 1023 Poplar Street

Replaced hydraulic hose on track hoe

Delivered several carts to residence

Total tonnage & cost to landfill;48.37tn,$1354.36 cost

Wednesday 8/6/2008

Ran regular trash routes

Continued work on 1023 Poplar Street

Replaced fuses in unit #26

Total tonnage and cost to landfill:70.55tn, $1975.40 cost

Thursday 8/7/2008

Ran regular trash route

Cleaned alley between 2nd &3rd street( backhoe)

Continued work at 1023 Poplar

Total tonnage and cost delivered to landfill:55.30tn,$1548.40 cost

Total tonnage delivered to landfill week of:8/4/2008-8/7/2008=238.91tn $6689.48cost




Future Weekly Activities:

Follow up on demolition projects

Continue working with Code Enforcement and other Depts.

Continue with picking up trash on daily basis

Follow Up Activities:

Unit #25 still incomplete

Rep from Oak leaf (Greg Brown) called and spoke with me (Quiania) and advised they no longer wanted Sanitation Dept to pick up cardboard boxes from business any longer. (No explanation) in same conversation advised to decrease trash service to 1 4yd 1x per week.

Staff Concerns:

Mark Smith out on sick leave until further notice

John Smith out until further notice

If Bathroon for men be placed somewhere else beside soon as you walk in front door



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