Sunday, August 31, 2008

Shelter Requirements for Evacuees (Hurricane Gustav)

Greenville, MS is reporting that the hotels have filled as have the restaurants. The Red Cross is setting up a shelter in the convention center there. I am also aware of two red cross shelters nearby: one in Tunica, MS and the other in Memphis, TN.
We have a shelter established in Marvell, Arkansas. That is being coordinanted by our own Mike Burchett with our local OES (Office of Emergency Services) 870-338-4697. Our local hotels are reportedly filled. The Sands hotel is reportedly the only place with a few vacancies.
We are counting on our community leaders to come together and offer adequate assistance to those in need during this time of impending natural disaster.
Mayor Ray Nagin is reporting, right now, that they have processed 14000-15000 evacuees thus far. The shuttle service will continue for another hour and one-half or until twelve noon. They are expecting the storm to be a Category 4 storm when it makes land fall. The speed, 16 mph, is encouraging to the extent that a fast storm is better than a stalled system. The city council and key members will be going to Baton Rouge to make sure that government can continue. A curfew is in place from dusk to dawn in New Orleans, LA (NOLA). Looters will be taken directly to ANGOLA prison.
Your prayers are encouraged and requested.
In order to establish a legally compliant shelter the facility must have at a minimum:
Central Heat and Air Conditioning
Ample Number of Separate Bathrooms
Appropriate Sleeping Quarters
Shower facilities
Adequate cooking arrangements (on site or good off site plan):
According to our information, the following Helena West Helena area churches must those minimum requirements:
Twin City Church of Christ on HWY 49 West 870-572-1215
Second Baptist Church at Corner of 3rd and Baldwin and 4th and Baldwin 870-572-3264
Church of the Living God on Corner of 7th and Park 870-572-7188

Stay informed: (Mayor Valley's Homepage)

Honorable James F. Valley
MAYOR - Helena West Helena
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Helena-West Helena, 72342
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