Friday, September 26, 2008

9/25/08 Street Dept. Report

Department: Street Department


Date: Sept. 19-25, 2008


Prepared by Oscar Hoskins and Earnest Womack


Specific Weekly Activities:


Mowed & cut:


  • School St
  • Shoulders:
    • Old Little Rock Rd
    • West St
    • Alabama/Chicago
    • Miller Loop
    • So Sam
    • No & So Coanza
    • So Washington
    • W Garland


  • Kelly St behind Housing Authority
  • Corner of Art and Alice
  • Washington/Panama Rd
  • Alley behind 1st Delta Realty and Murray Law Firm
  • No and So Ridge center greens
  • Picnic tables-River Park
  • Shoulders:
    • No Holly
    • W Monroe
    • Helena Crossing
    • Sears Lane
    • Old Little Rock Rd behind TIC
    • Locust St
    • River Park


  • Weed eat high rise at Oakland and Porter intersection
  • Cut bush on Rightor St
  • City Hall east
  • Corner of Ohio and Miller
  • Jefferson and Cherry
  • Adams and Cherry
  • W Russell and Coanza ditch
  • Ashlar and Cleburne-cut up tree
  • 4th and Anderson ditch
  • 3rd and Anderson ditch
  • Moore St west
  • Sebastian and Park ditches and grounds around Shop
  • Started mowing flat area of River Park near river


  • East and West center greens
  • Helena Fish Market
  • Bridge approach
  • Rifle range
  • Started on Market Place
  • Started cleaning alley behind 925 Norman
  • Center green off Sebastian and 2nd St
  • Continued mowing flat area at River Park


  • Finished behind Market Place
  • Finished 925 Norman
  • Shoulders on East side
  • Finished flat area of River Park
  • Started mowing under Boardwalk




  • Welded grab arm on Sanitation unit 25
  • Brake fluid Sanitation unit 29
  • Exhaust pipe on Sanitation Track hoe truck
  • Installed A/C belt on Police Tahoe
  • Removed drive shaft from Kubota bush hog


  • Assisted in removing dumpster from Sanitation unit 28
  • Changed oil in Police unit
  • Tightened bolts on axle Sanitation unit 29
  • Installed alternator on CID unit 402
  • Changed oil and one head light Police unit 10
  • Put drive shaft on Kubota bush hog
  • Replaced cylinder Sanitation unit 27


  • Removed rear end from Police units 9 & 12
  • Installed Police unit 9's rear end on unit 12
  • Welded grabber arm Sanitation unit 27


·        Removed alternator from Police unit 9 and installed in unit 12

·        Removed radiator from unit 9

·        Repaired arm and replaced 2 hoses on Sanitation unit 25

·        Replaced starter on white Dually

·        Installed water pump on East side Water Co truck

·        Removed air compressor from Police unit 1


  • Installed brakes on Police unit 16
  • Installed power steering pump East Water vehicle
  • Put shaft rod on East Water backhoe
  • Removed doors from Police unit 9
  • Installed starter switch on fork lift
  • Put radiator on Police unit 21



  • No potholes filled


Animal control:

  • Picked up numerous dead animals on road side
  • Picked up 2 dead animals from vet
  • Removed and euthanized injured stray animal from residence


Mosquito control:

Mosquito control-sprayed Tuesday's Sanitation route and B&G Club

Mosquito control is coordinated in conjunction with Sanitation route-weather permitting


Other activities:

Litter pick up at primary routes of City:

Walnut St.

            Cherry St.

            Porter St.

            Perry St.

            Elm St.

Franklin St.

            Oakland Ave.

            Quarles Lane

            Springdale Rd.

            Plaza St

            Hawkins St


Installed 4-way stop at 7th and Park


Set up and took down tent for Delta Dayz Art Festival


Changed Center, No 2nd and 3rd from two-way to one-way

Womack checked oil pressure on Street unit 106


Took 2 bids on repair of washout on Levee Walk

Sanitation and Water supervisors assisted in surveying Springdale Rd project


Hauled 185 tires to Waste Disposal site

Posted one-way sign at O'Reilly Auto Parts and Center St



Assisted Sanitation with debris removal from Old Little Rock Rd (S Fonzie)

Fire and Water Depts assisted with debris removal from under Boardwalk

Street and Sanitation supervisors met with Mr. Desquare on Waverly Wood washout and drainage project



Future Weekly Activities:

Tree removal at 600 block Cleburne, 1135 Poplar, Cline-Frazier bldg on Cherry St

Removal of dead sycamore tree at 500 block East Baldwin

Drain at South 7th and South 8th

Washout on Beechwood east


Follow Up Activities:

Debris removal from Little Rock Rd and Elm St park

Debris removal from end of So Coanza

Code Enforcement identifying and notifying property owners of overgrown lots throughout City. City will not mow lots until Code Enforcements has communicated with owners.


Staff Concerns/Issues:


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