Saturday, September 6, 2008

Fire Department Weekly (DHR) 9-8-2008

Weekly Department Report 

      Department   FIRE 

      Date    9/4/2008 

      Prepared by   Chief Reginald Wilson/Asst. Chief Travis Williams 

      Specific Weekly Activities; 

      East Side Runs:

      8/30/2008 Industrial Park    Alarm    

      West Side Runs:

      8/29/2008 Highway 44    MVA   

      8/31/2008 Sanderlin Drive   Structure Fire    

      8/31/2008 Sanderlin Drive   Structure Fire  

      8/31/2008 728 Richmond Hill   Structure Fire  

      9/1/2008 Sanderlin Drive   Structure Fire  

      9/1/2008 209 N. 3rd Street   Structure Fire  

      9/1/2008 326 East Plaza    Dumpster Fire  

      9/1/2008 Sanderlin Drive   Re-Kindle  

      9/1/2008 Sanderlin Drive   Structure Fire  

      9/3/2008 209 N. 6th Street   Medical Assist/DOA  


      Future Activities:

      **Scheduled Classes

            -September 10, 2008 – Driver Safety

            -Freedom Fore Youth Cook 

      **Scheduled Events

            -Firefighter's Ball – November 15, 2008


      Follow Up Activities:

    **U.S.D.A. C.F. Grant Submitted for Fire Department

    **USDA C.F. Grant Submitted for Police Department

    **G.I.F. Grant Submitted

    **F.E.M.A. Grant Submitted

      Staff Concerns/Issues:

    **3 Firefighter's out on Military Leave

          -Jamin Crawford

          -Franklin Tyner        -Demarcus Foreman

    **3 Firefighter's to attend Arkansas Fire Academy Standard's Class set to begin on September 2 – October 17, 2008

          -Zach Williams

          -Derrick Fluker

          -Bryan Carroll 

    **2 Firefighter's attending Paramedic School @ EACC in Forrest City.

          -Asst. Chief Travis Williams

          -Engineer Jeremy Powell 

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