Sunday, September 7, 2008

Fw: Annual Ice Cream Social

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Subject: Annual Ice Cream Social

More than 200 youngster were served helpings of ice cream, and some won gifts, such as Microwaves, CD players and more.

Trece Shepherd Williams of the Arkansas Street Neighborhood Watch Program

Would like to thank the following individuals and agency for their support.  

State Rep. Clark Hall

Mayor James f. Valley

Dr. Robert Boyd

Ben Steinberg

Edward Buddy Carter

Eugene Red Johnson

Oshea  Burrell

Fielder and Scott of HWH Police Dept.

Yarnell Ice Cream

Pepsi cola

Isle of Capri


Michelle Page of Daily World


JWHIZ OUR LOCAL Rapper, Attorney at Law, and CEO of Greenprint Recording Studio

Jeanette Montgomery

Pearl Walker

CC Dixon

Ethel Wade

Andrew Garner

BJ Hall,

Rev.Gene Williams



The driving idea behind the annual ice cream social is "Building a Stronger Community" and at the same time a way to celebrate each year on the first Saturday in September, our successful implementation of the Neighborhood Watch Program here on Arkansas Street. We also want to encourage new and returning youths to stay in school. Those students that are out, we encourage them to get his/her GED. We recognize their value to the neighborhood and community as future leaders and good neighbors.

Michelle, it's a way to better get to know your neighbor, to get together and discuss concerns about crime in the area.

Ice cream is appealing to all ages from kids to adults, and this event makes for great family fun as well...and it's free!!  So bring your chairs, bowls, and spoons.

 Eat here or take with you.


Trece Shepherd Williams
Helena West Helena, AR

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