Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Helena of My Dreams

The Helena of My Dreams

By James F. Valley

September 27, 2008


Start every morning with prayer and thanksgiving;

Appreciating the good things that surround us.

Friends, family and neighbors who sincerely share

And the mountain of opportunity around us.


A place called home which is more than a destination.

A place filled with hope and vivid imagination.

A place where children run, jump, hop, skip, read, dance and sing;

A place where children play, learn, swim, chant, kick, twirl and swing.


A place where flowers blossom, trees spring up, and creeks never go dry.

A place where everyone in town takes time for friendly hellos and goodbyes.

Jobs for those with good work ethic.

Economic strength from those with grit.


A concatenation of ideas and opportunities

that lead us toward prosperity.

A juggle of options and a maze of choices

That require human dexterity


I owe Helena my first loyalty

because she gave me so much.

I am pleased to call her home

Because my neighbors here are a special touch.


Helena, a place I have grown to love,

Empowers me with the help of Him above.

Helena, where families come first and important things matter.

A community where we learn how to climb life's ladder.


The ridge and river so natural and true,

The scenic forest and its wonderful view.

Festivals throughout the year

Bringing yearning travelers here


Day after day decent folk

Doing what is right and honorable

Leading children to be great citizens

By their work and living example


The Helena of my dreams is a simple place

Where people understand our human race

The American Spirit is part of our community fabric

And the pursuit of the American Dream is our main habit.


Anonymous said...

It is so nice to interact with people who have the same vision of our community. I refuse to let others who thrive on negativity and selfish motives drag me down. There is a positive energy in our community that is exciting, and those who don't feel it will be left behind.

Josh Troy said...

Great poem!