Friday, September 26, 2008

Highway 49 Patch Paving Near HNB and Eliza Miller Jr. High

Below is a letter requesting that the work at the intersection of Highway 49 and Highway 49 Bypass near Eliza Miller Jr. High School, Helena National Bank (West Acres Branch); El Canaveral Restuarant and McDonald's.

We are fortunate that the highway department has been so responsive to our requests:


March 21, 2008 

Mr. Ray Woodruff

District Engineer

Arkansas State Highway Department 

Wynne, Arkansas   

RE: Paving Requested 

Dear Mr. Woodruff: 

I know resources are tight and that your budget is restricted.  However, if you can find it within your discretion hereupon to consider paving approximately 200 feet on each side of the intersection of Highway 49 Business and Highway 49 Bypass right at Eliza Miller Junior High School loop here in Helena-West Helena, we would be very grateful.  That area of the highway is rife with holes and it is a very rough ride through that intersection. 

Please let me know what you can do about this particular area at your earliest convenience.  To bring home the point I have enclosed some photos of the intersection.  I do realize that you will probably send your own men out to take measurements and to investigate this intersection as well.  Your assistance is always appreciated by the citizens of this community. 


James F. Valley

Mayor, Helena-West Helena

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Honorable James F. Valley
MAYOR - Helena West Helena
P O Box 248
Helena-West Helena, 72342
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