Monday, September 8, 2008

Sanitation Report




September 2nd-5th 2008

Prepared by : Quiania Williams, Vic Jordan

Specific Weekly Activities:

Monday 9/2/2008

Ran the regular Lake View trash route

Closed for Holiday

Tuesday 9/2/2008

Ran the regular trash route @ 4:00 a.m.

Tyrone drove unit #25 to help out on trash route

Picked up boxes from local merchants…

Fred's, Jungel, Fred Dollar Store,

Total tonnage & cost to landfill;61.63tn,$1725.64

Wednesday 9/3/2008

Ran regular trash routes

Continued to pick up boxes from local merchants

Picked up several missed trash that was not out…

343 Russ

320 Franklin

820 College

712 York

508 Perry

Repaired signal lights on White/GMC dump truck

Total tonnage and cost to landfill:61.38tn,$1718.64

Thursday 9/4/2008

Ran regular trash route

Mechanic repaired unit #25 (hydraulic hose)

Repaired electrical fuse link on unit #27

Continued to pick up missed trash/deliver carts to new residents

Total tonnage and cost delivered to landfill:51.74tn,$1448.72

Friday 9/5/2008

Continued to run the regular routes @ 4:00 a.m.

Picked up boxes from merchants

Repaired side arm on unit #27(fuses)

Total tonnage and cost delivered to landfill week of : 50.49tn, $1413.72

Total tonnage and cost delivered to landfill week of 9/2/2008 thru 9/5/2008=225.24tn,$6306.72cost



Future Weekly Activities:

Follow up on demolition projects

Continue working with Code Enforcement and other Depts.

Continue with picking up trash on daily basis

Follow Up Activities:

Electronic Waste Arrangements


Staff Concerns:

Mark Smith out on sick leave until further notice

John Smith out until further notice

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