Friday, September 26, 2008

Weekly Report East Water Department 9-29-08

Helena Municipal Water & Sewer

Eastside Water Department  

Weekly Department Report

Date: 9-29-08

Prepared By: Terry McGinister 

Specific Weekly Activities (9/19/08 – 9/25/08) 

Checked sewer lift stations

Cut tree limbs at lift station #9 and hydromatic booster station

Repaired angle valve at 100 Hillsboro

Repaired 2 inch valve on 1600 block of Old Highway

Unstopped inverts at lift station #7 with sewer machine

Manually pumping out lift station #7 with bypass pump

Monthly cut offs

Repaired 2 inch water line at 13 Wooddale

Repaired 2 inch water line at Lohman Lane

Repaired 1 inch water line at 318 Miller

Worked on air compressor at the plant

Repaired backhoe 

Future Weekly Activities

Station rehab 

Follow up Activities

Putting riprap on the levees at the ponds 

Staff Concerns/Issues

Scheduling classes for all employees to attend to have enough hours to renew their licenses

One employee is home from hospital hoping he'll have a speedy recovery. 

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Terry McGinister

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