Friday, October 17, 2008

Weekly Code Enforcement Report

October 17, 2008

Code Enforcement Weekly Report

October 13– October 17, 2008


Department:   Code Enforcement

Date:                 October 17, 2008

Prepared by:  Joshua McIntosh & Patrick Allen

Code Enforcement Officers


Special Weekly Activities 10/13/08 – 10/17/08


·        Attended Planning commission meeting.  10-15-08

o       Kids for the Future request to place modular at 909 Pecan St.

o       Met with Andre and Belinda about modular.

·        1108 Porter St. property condemned Ordinance 18

o       Owner Pat Cole requesting that property not be torn down

·        Created proposed 2009 Budget

·        Department of labor class attended at 1pm

·        Traveled several streets of Helena and West Helena

·        Sara Smith – Contract Mooney Ave Lot 42 Hawkins Sub- PAID $250.00

o       Wants city to continue clean up before paying balance

·         Bernard Scoggins called about payment of citation.

·        John of January Environmental (863-512-0536) called regarding Water oil separator requirements for our city. Under review

·        Spoke with Attorney Eddie Schiffler regarding

o       West Helena Methodist Citation for 4th St. property

o       Indian Bay Property 1015 Franklin St- Lawn Care dispute should city cut ditch

o       Excessive number of dogs  at 1208 N 4th St.

·        132/134 Balwin- Dr Traylor report of Flooding in back yard- observed referred to Oscar

·        James & Barbara King

o       Lot 1 & 2 Block 42- Received letter regarding city cleaning lot

o       Received phone call- agreed to pay for lot when billed

·        Spoke to Oscar –instructed to cut lot

·        Has been cut; pending completion by Oscar


Complaints about Lawn Care


·        Eddie Phillips complaint about 1040 Arkansas St. concerned that tall grass possess a fire hazard and that building is unsafe.

·        308 Valley Dr- Lawn overgrown

·        1101 /1103 Perry St. Viewed and unable to determine violation

o       property needs clean up and maintenance


Cited Vehicle


·        None


Mailed Postcards


·        None



·        Chevy Impala- 10.6gal; $ 44.00


·        None

Letters mailed


·        None


Lots with piles of debris


·        141 Center St.

·        138 S. 6th St.

·        727 Pecan St.

·        462 Washington St.

·        207 S. Sam St.


Approved Condemned House List-Ordinance 18-2008


·        1108 Porter St.- Patricia Tipton & Brandon William


Pending Condemned House List


·        1429 Holly St. – Carolyn Lockridge, 1605 Holly St. Helena AR 723421

·        837 Alabama St. – Tonya Lee

·        315 S 6th St.- Esselene Meiers

·        1022/1024 Poplar St.- Ridge Charles and Wanda- Property Sent to State

·        645 Seminole – Rochridge Hannah-

·        1128 Beech St.- Webster Ovie & Dorothy

·        121 N 4th St.- Johnny Adams & Ruth Bigham

·        401/403/405/407 Missouri St.- Alex Childs Jr.

·        228/230 Ponotoc St.- Elliott Watson

·        Valley Dr

o       410-Dave Henderson St.

o       407-Noble Franklin

o       510-David Braggs


Citation Issued


·        None


Future Weekly Activities


·        Get condemnation listing from Daily World

·        Locate all city property

·        Call North Little Rock Attorney regarding nuisance abatement program

·        DHHS- Ask about person that issues daycare permits

·        Continue addressing overgrown lots and dilapidated structures

·        Continue to mail out certified letters to property owners on overgrown lots and dilapidated structures.

·        More Focus on Vehicles out of compliance

·        More Focus on getting pictures before and after city does work on private property.

·        More Focus on Property Owners cutting property to street to include drain ditch

·        Planning Commission Meeting – October 15- Per Bernadette Messina

·        Focus on liens on property for outstanding Invoices


Follow-up Activities


·        Jane and Jordan St.


Staff Concerns


·              Property Maintenance & Zoning Testing –November 5, 2008

·              Blue Prince Code Enforcement Software-Getting pricing

·              Vehicles- Need new vehicles Marquis not working battery keeps dying

·              AACE Conference – Oct 28-31

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