Friday, October 31, 2008

West Russell Street Tree Line Clearing

The Street and Sanitation department led by Oscar Hoskins and Victor Jordan went to West Russell Street this morning to clear the tree lines in the 400 Block. Not long ago, a wind storm caused limbs to fall onto the power line and ripped the meter center from a resident's home. She complained that something needed to be done to protect her from future expenses like hiring an electrician for the crisis created by the falling limbs.

We used the city's boom truck to lift employees more than 40 feet into the air and slowly and methodically trim the tree line. We exercised extreme caution and prudence in our approach to solving this problem.

We also raised the tree clearance level on a vacant lot in that same block to assure that the residents could see across the vacant lot. This was indeed a safety concern.

The slide show below is a sampling of the photos taken at the scene today.

We will keep you posted as we continue to make progress on city projects.

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