Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Cougars and T-Birds Joint Community Pep Rally --- A Success Story

What a wonderful event the Pep Rally was. The pictures show the excitement and pleasure experienced by those in attendance. The crowd was diverse in everyway. The press release at the bottom displays some of the planning and thought that went into this quickly assembled event.

I am grateful to and appreciate Mr. Billy Ray, Executive Director of the Phillips County Chamber of Commerce; Mr. N. Andrew Bagley, Professor at PCCUA and consultant to the City of Helena-West Helena; Dr. Steven Murray, Chancellor at PCCUA; Mr. Rudolph Howard, Superintendent of the Helena-West Helena Public Schools; Mr. E. M. "Bubba" Morris, Headmaster of Desoto Schools; Coach Russell Smith, Head Coach of the Central High School Cougars; Coach Bill Beck, Head Coach of the Desoto High School Thunderbirds (T-Birds); KIPP Delta for postponing basketball practice and allow us to use the gym; Mr. Lionell Moss for cancelling a Taekwondo Class and allowing us the use of the gym; Mrs. Syndey Oberle for her coordinating efforts with the gym; Coach Winningham and Mrs. Wandra Williams for their assistance and support at the gym; Tennikka Smith with Eyewitness News for assisting us with positive news coverage; Larry Binz, Reporter for The Daily World; Ms. April Mondy, KJIW FM 94.5; Ms. Zipporah Mondy, KJIWFM.COM; Mr. Elijah Mondy, MBS Inc.; Delta Force 2; KFFA; Ms. Synetra Burrell Morris; Ms. Tammie Martin; Ms. Bettye Faye Brimley, Booster Club President and Justice of the Peace in District 5; Mr. Marvin Jarrett, Booster Club Treasurer and Alderman in Ward 5; The Desoto Parents; The Central Parents; Ms. Holley Whaley, Cheer Sponsor for Desoto; Mrs. Sanetta Davis, Cheer Sponsor for Central; The Cheerleaders for Central and Desoto; The Football Teams for Central and Desoto and the entire Helena-West Helena, Phillips County Community.

Here's the program as it was put forth last night.

National Anthem- Brittany Williams

Desoto Alma Mater- recorded music

Central Alma Mater- Brittany Williams

Entrance of football teams from the upstairs dressing room- Seats in middle section at front should be roped off for the two teams to sit in (We Are The Champions Should Play in Background)

Joint Cheer from the Two Cheer Squads

Words from the Mayor and Chamber Director

Cheer from Central

Words from Superitendent Rudolph Howard and Desoto Headmaster Bubba Morris (Howard confirmed; If Morris doesn't want to, then move to next cheer.

Cheer from Desoto

Words from Coach Beck

Cheer from Central

Cheer from Desoto

Words from Coach Smith

Joint Cheer

Words from One Cougar

Words from One T-Bird

Joint Cheer to End the rally.

Music to be played as players exit. ( I will have something ballgame appropriate like We Will Rock You or something similar.

For Immediate Release

For More Information contact Mayor James Valley at (870) 817-4035 or Chamber Director Billy Ray at (870) 338-0431

Re: City and Chamber to Hold Community Pep Rally to Support Cougars and T-Birds Tuesday

HELENA-WEST HELENA-With the Cougars and T-Birds having some of their most successful seasons in history, the City of Helena-West Helena and the Phillips County Chamber of Commerce will hold a community pep rally in support of the teams in advance of this weekend's games on Tuesday at 7:30 pm at the Phillips Community College Gymnasium.

The Helena-West Helena Central Cougars (11-0-1) will be taking on the Monticello Billies in the semifinal round of the Class 5A state playoffs on the road this Friday. The Desoto Thunderbirds (12-1) will be seeking their first ever MPSA Class A title against Glenwood Academy at 11:00 Saturday morning on the campus of Millsaps College in Jackson, Mississippi.

Mayor James Valley said the team's success warranted the historic joint pep rally. He said, "We want to our children to be successful in all their endeavours, and we want to recognize them when they achieve. This has been a historic football season for both the Cougars and the Thunderbirds. This represents an opportunity for our community to come together and celebrate the success of everyone. I am encouraging the citizens of this community to come fellowship together on Tuesday to fire up both teams and to attend the Cougars vs Billes game at Monticello on Friday and the Desoto vs Glenwood game in Jackson, MS, on Saturday morning."

Billy Ray, executive director of the Chamber of Commerce, echoed similar sentiments saying, "This represents a historic opportunity for our athletes, our schools, and our community. The Chamber of Commerce is happy to sponsor this event which provides our teams and their fans an opportunity to come together and get fired up for wins that will be historic this week. Go Cougars and Thunderbirds!

The two cheerleading squads have been working together and the two teams will be in attendance. The crowd will get to hear from both coaches and selected team members. The general public is invited to attend. Live coverage from the PCCUA gymnasium will come from KJIW-FM 94.5.

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