Wednesday, November 5, 2008

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Word of the Day for Wednesday, November 5, 2008

footless \FOOT-lihs\, adjective:

1. without a foot or feet
2. figuratively, without support; not substantial
3. inept, awkward

The argument of each league that it has the best team in the land is more footless than most such controversies, since the strongest teams play on courts of different sizes under rules differently interpreted.
-- Basketball: Midseason, Time, February 18, 1930
Alvarez thinks it fairly certain that the patient is wearing herself out with footless worry.
-- Hints for Busy Doctors, Time, August 15, 1939
There is occurring in international circles here a speculation, which may admittedly be footless, that the European Common Market may fly apart before the issue of British admission ever has to be resolved.
-- Frederic W. Collins, Economic Echoes, Christian Science Monitor, October 19, 1957

by 1398, from "foot" and "-less" Entry and Pronunciation for footless

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