Friday, November 14, 2008

Sanatation DHR November 17, 08




November 17, 2008

Prepared by: Victor L. Jordan



Specific Weekly Activities

Monday 11-10-08

Ran the Lake View trash route at 4:00AM

Washed and serviced the vehicles

Picked up boxes, Wendy's Juengals,


Tuesday 11-11-08

Ran skeleton crew for trash routes



Wednesday 11-12-08

Begin trash routes begin at 4:00AM

Picked up boxes from , Corner Market, Sonics, Dollar General

Resumed demoliton clean up at 1023 College

Repaired finger strap on unit 26

Completed demoliton clean up at 1023 College



Begin trash routes at 4:00AM

Picked up boxes from, Sonics, School District, Corner Marker

Received boxers Atlas Van Lines


Friday 11-14-08

Begin trash routes at 4:00AM

Most of Street & Sanitation staff attended the Cougars pep rally

Continued to process boxes

Assisted Park Director cleaning ditches and piles of debree in North Helena Park using the back hoe and dump truck


Future Weekly Activities:

Continued to pick up boxes

Trying to improve trash


Follow up Activities :

Awating final results of waste analysis from ADEQ


Staff Concerns:

Two employess still out on workers comp








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