Monday, November 3, 2008

September 12, 2008
Code Enforcement Weekly Report
October 21-30, 2008

Department: Code Enforcement
Date: October 20, 2008
Prepared by: Joshua McIntosh
Code Enforcement Officer

Special Weekly Activities 10/20 – 10/31/2008

Follow up Jane and Jordon Street. Took pictures and got property cards
Follow up on Austin and Benny Grant
Mailed letters to all mechanic shops
Lawn care and dilapidated structures
Quapaw Trail – over parking of vehicles
Dog complaint – Terry Knuckles, in process of being resolved
Fairview St. – Dogs getting into garbage cans
106 Terry Dr – Dogs complaint, talked to owner and gave a copy of city ordinance
Ethel Child – dumping on her Old Little Rock Road Property
Bertha Lucas – signed contact to clean up house and lot

Complaints about lawn care

701 Mimosa – resolved
414 Kentucky St – resolved
513 South Ridge – lawn care – mailed post card
714 Forrest Hill – lawn care – mailed post card
108 7th St. – lawn care and property clean up – mailed post card
Lot 124 E1/2 Elm & Pecan Streets – lawn care – post card mailed
191 Oakland Ave. – lawn care – post card mailed
108 Moore St – lawn care – post card mailed

Cited Vehicles:

Three cited for vehicles and 2 resolved, one to be towed

Mailed (4) letters or postcards

238 7th St – house need to be boarded up
226 3rd St – garage burned down and lawn care
215 Moore – house and property needs cleaning

$35.60 – 150 Pat Allen

Pending Condemned House List:

Citation Issued:

Eddie Lewis Oneal in process of being served

Future Weekly Activities:

Continue addressing overgrown lots and dilapidated structures.
Continue to mail out certified letters to property owners of overgrown lots and dilapidated buildings.
Focus on vehicles out of compliance.
Focus on getting pictures before and after city does work on private properties.
Focus on property owners cutting property to streets and to property lines.

Staff Concerns:

Workable automobiles
Improve working relationship with other departments

"You don't always know the Purpose, Just Trust the Plan"


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