Friday, December 19, 2008

East Water Department Weekly DHR 12/29/08

East Water Weekly DHR 12/29/08
Weekly Department Report
Date: 12/19/08
Prepared by: Terry McGinister
Specific Weekly Activities 12/12/08 - 12/18/08
Checked sewer lift stations
Repaired 2" inch water leak on Lithicum Street
Repaired 1" inch service line on Springhill
Back washed filters at the plant
Cleaned out basket at lift station #6
Unstopped sewer on College and Poplar Street
Unstopped car wash drain for Jessie Blakely
Changed out chlorine and chemicals at the plant
Henarid Utility replaced fittings on chlorinator at the plant
Worked on yearly inventory report at the plant
Flushed fire hydrants on Springdale Road
Future Weekly Activities
Station rehab
Follow up Activities
Putting riprap on levees at the ponds
Staff Concerns/Issues
Scheduling classes for all employees to attend to have enough hours to renew their licenses

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