Friday, December 5, 2008

Parks and Recreation DHR 12-1-08

Weekly Report


Department: Parks and Recreation

Date: 12-1-08

Prepared by: B. O'Shea Burrell


Specific Weekly Activities


Monday 11-24-08

Cleaned HWHCC

Outdoor workers went home at 12p

Tutoring 3:30-5p

Meeting with girls' basketball coaches 5-6p

Open play for basketball 6-9p (volleyball players did not show)


Tuesday 11-25-06

Cleaned HWHCC

Rake leaves at Solomon playground

Cut back hours at golf course

Fixed chain saw

Continue to cut fence row at N. Helena

Tutoring 3:30-5p

Open play men basketball 6-9p


Wednesday 11-26-08

Closed at Noon

Washed trucks

Continued to clean fence row at N. Helena








Future Activities

Girls Basketball League

Repairs at N. Helena Stadium (Via Alco Edwards)

Cleaning of weed at Washington St. Park (Via Street Department)

Cleaning fence row at N. Helena Park (Via Street Department) 

Remove Stumps at N. Helena Park (Via Street Department)

Delta Christmas Dec. 13th 3-6p

Commodities Dec.5th 8-5p

Senior Safety Dec. 18th 9-5p




Staff Concerns/Issues

Continue to need security from 3-9p @HWHCC

Community Service Workers

O'Shea Burrell
City of Helena-West Helena
Parks and Recreation Director
511 Miller St./P O Box 248
Helena-West Helena, AR 72342
870-338-8481 Phone
888-526-6665 Fax
870-995-8991 Cell

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