Friday, December 12, 2008

Parks and Recreation Report 12-15-08

Weekly Report

Department: Parks and Recreation

Date: 12-15-08

Prepared By: B. O'Shea Burrell

Specific Weekly Activities

Sunday 12-7-08

Girls Basketball practice (1p-5p)

Monday 12-8-08


Tuesday 12-09-08

Began Christmas Decoration @ HWHCC

Tutorial (3p-5p)

Girls Basketball game (5:30p-8:30p)

Delta Christmas Meeting (T. Davis)

Wednesday 12-10-08

Cleaned HWHCC

Put up lights for Delta Christmas

Returned Golf Carts to Golf Course

Continue Decoration@ HWHCC

Cleaned arts and craft room

Cleaned storage area @ HWHCC

Thursday 12-11-08

Moved tables and chairs for Delta Christmas

Continue decorations for Delta Christmas

Tutorial (3-5p)

Girls Basketball (5:30p-8:30p)

Friday 12-12-08

Cleaned HWHCC


Saturday 12-13-08

Delta Christmas (3-6p)

Future Weekly Activities

Delta Christmas 12-13-08 time (3-6p)

Gravel on cart paths at golf course

Girls Basketball League

Repairs at N. Helena Stadium (Via Alco Edwards)

Cleaning of weed at Washington St. Park (Via Street Department)

Cleaning fence row at N. Helena Park (Via Street Department)

Remove Stumps at N. Helena Park (Via Street Department)

Delta Christmas Dec. 13th 3-6p

Senior Safety Dec. 18th 9-5p

Work on baseball fields.

Order bleachers and score board with grant monies.

Staff Issues/Concerns

Continue to need security at HWCC during the hours of 3-9p.

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