Monday, December 1, 2008

Sanitation Department DHR 12-1-08



NOVEMBER 24-28 2008    

PREPARED by: Victor L. Jordan

Specific Weekly Activities:


Monday 11/24/08

Ran the Lake View trash route at 4:00am

Serviced the vehicles

Continued the clean up of empty lots on the 300 block of North Conaza back to Baringo

Begin the demolition of two dwellings on Beech St. with the track hoe.

Picked up boxes from local merchants Family Dollar, Sonic and Wendys


Tuesday 11/25/08

Ran the regular trash at 4:00am

The demolition continued on Beech St.

Continued picking up boxes Fred's, Jungel's, Perry St. Market


Wednesday 11/26/08

Ran the regular trash at 4:00am

Picked up boxes Corner Market, Dollar General and Sears

Continued demolition on Beech St.

Thursday 11/27/08

Closed for Thanksgiving

Friday 11/28/08

Ran a skeleton crew for trash pick up, driver's only collecting Thursday and Friday's trash






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