Friday, December 19, 2008




Prepared by: Victor L, Jordan

Specific Weekly Activities:


Monday 12/15/08

Ran the Lakeview trash route at 4:00

Serviced the vehicles

Picked up boxes from Corner Market, Freds, and Hoffinger

Picked up street sand form Hill and Hill in case or inclement weather


Tuesday 12/16/08

Trash routes begin at 4:00am

Affixed concrete slab stones in floor of ditch on S. Washington for base layer before new construction began, using the backhoe

Picked up boxes from Beech Crest, Perry Street Market,Juengel's and Wendy's

Replaced wiper blade on unit #29

Continued to process boxes


Wednesday 12/17/08

Begin trash routes at 4:00am

Picked up boxes from Pit Stop, Family Dollar and Exxon

Checked dump truck for fluid level's

Begin the clean up and final demolition on Sanderlin Dr. of previously burned structures

Repaired arm on unit #25

Part-time employees finished their work for the season


Thursday 12/18/08

Begin the trash route at 4:00am

Unit #27 experienced fuel distribution problems, the landfill crew assisted in helping the vehicle up the hill from the working phase area

Continued to pick up boxes from local merchants, Wendy's, Kelley's,

Completed the clean up demolition work on Sanderlin Dr.

Ordered transmission dip stick for unit #25



Begin trash routes at 4:00am

Continued to pick up and deliver cans

Processed boxes picked up for the week


Future Weekly Activities:

Continuing to collect trash on daily routes

Continuing to collect boxes form local merchants

Working with Code Enforcement on demolition projects


Staff Concerns:

Official notification will given to Mrs. Sandi Ramsey for the three employees out on Workers Comp by the end of the week



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