Monday, December 15, 2008

Sanitation DHR12/15/08





MONDAY 12/08/08

City Municipal Offices were closed in respect of Councilman Johnson's funeral

The Lakeview route was ran on routine schedule


TUESDAY 12/09/08

Begin trash routes at 4:00am

Picked up boxes at Sonic, Sears and Hoffinger's

Delivered cans to new residents

Used back hoe to assist in ditch cleaning on Kelly and West Street's

Replaced finger pin on unit #26


Wednesday 12/10/08

Begin trash routes at 4:00am

Picked up boxes at Corner Market, Perry Street Market and West Helena Furniture

Replaced hydraulic line on unit #25 for retriving fingers

Picked up and delivered cans to residents

Used mini track to begin ditch excavation on Old Dominion drainage project


Thursday 12/11/08

Begin trash routes at 4:00am

Continued to pick up and process boxes

Picked up boxes at Dollar General, Fred's, Juengel's and Bistro

Continued excavation on Old Dominion

Removed cans from empty residents

Replaced plugs, wires, rotor cap, distributor cap and exhaust gaskets on black dually

Replaced firger pin on unit #25


Friday 12/11/08

Begin trash routes at 4:00am

Processed boxes collected for the week

Completed the excavation on Old Dominion

Picked up and delivered cans

Replaced hydraulic filter on unit #27



Follow up Activities:

Continuing to improve trash collection

Working with ADEQ to obtain final results from trash analysis


Future Weekly Activities:

Continuing to work on demolition projects

Collecting trash and boxes


Staff Concerns:

The employees out on Worker Comp have until the end of December to return or we will have to make a decision to terminate




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